Saturday, November 14, 2015

Better Hurry

Some of our loot

Our favorite orchard, Bellinger's, just up around the corner from here, is closing for the season tomorrow (Sunday) at 5 PM.

Alan and I ran up today to pick up some last tasty apples and  other stuff for the winter. I put my apples in a tub in the front hall and as long as I pay attention to bring them into the warmer part of the house during below zero weather, they keep for weeks and even months. I really love apples and feel rich if I have a store of them...

We bought some Suncrisp, some Ida Reds, and a couple of pie pumpkins and a squash for Lizzie. We had a nice visit too, as always. 

I love's a pretty spot.....tidy red barns nestled among trees groaning with apples and farms all around, green, and blue and beautiful.

I'll miss them! Don't miss this last chance to stock up on several late season varieties, squash and pumpkins, honey and such, and maybe grab some cider and cider donuts to keep the growling November winds at bay.


Terry and Linda said...

I love apples also! Having grown up on a fruit orchard my favorite was always the apples.

┊  ★

threecollie said...

Linda, me too!