Saturday, November 28, 2015

Feedin' da Cowz

Peggy's daddy had this stuffed toy cow, stuck away up at his mother's house.. Yesterday they introduced it to Miss Peggy.

 To say that it was love at first moo would be an udder statement.

This morning she lugged it out to the living room and came out to the kitchen exploring.

And found her mama's pie punkins. I said, "I'll bet your cow is hungry. Why don't you feed her?"

And so she did.

The cow was originally a throw he won at the fair....they stuffed it with pillows at some time along the way...and now we have a happy baby tucking her cow in (That is her very favorite blankie, which is always grubby beyond belief because she bawls when we wash it) and filling her with punkin.


A. Montgomery said...

Her hair is just like yours was when you were a baby. I need some hugs! Love Mom.
Mike and Karen arrived ok.
Love Mom

joated said...

Very cute! Was she trying to stuff the orange part of the pumpkin in the cow's mouth? Or was she holding it like a bottle to "feed" it through the stem? If the latter, she's ready to help come calving time!

threecollie said...

Mom, the girls had that same hair too!. Thanks for the update on M & K. Love you!

Joated, I am not sure. lol. She sure had the idea of feeding it down pat, but then she helps her mama in the barn all the time. And she really does help too. She is such a worker. I am not sure just how we ended up with her, because we are an untidy lot, but if she spills she will run and get something to clean it up without being prompted. Not something she was taught, she just started doing it on her own. Throws trash away. Throws things that are not necessarily trash away. She is a hoot!