Sunday, November 08, 2015


This is  was  is...a snowmobile
When everyone is home all at the same time bees have nothing on us. The machine above is Alan's. When he bought it last year it had a cracked gas tank, so every time he rode we had to make him leave his clothes on the porch when he came home. A few hours after being in this nearly unrecognizable state it was running again. Hooray for guys who can do their own wrenching.

Of course all mechanical activities are inspected by this small, serious, person.
Although she has little to say so far, she knows a screw driver from a wrench and will retrieve either from the tool box upon request. And no, this was neither running, nor propped up yet....

They worked on Jade's too and did something mumble, mumble, unintelligible to someone who has  little interest in any activity that involves winter, to it too. At any rate it was propped up in the air with its fanny available for whatever they were doing for several hours yesterday. I thought they were using some sort of lift intended for the job, but nope, it was farmer inventiveness involving the plow for the 4-wheeler and a winch....oh, well, whatever works.

She handed these out to all the youngest generation at the Halloween party last week
A big hit I can tell you...these are not quite finished and will have contrasting bands around the top when done.

Meanwhile, indoors, other projects were proceeding apace in order to provide fodder for the library sale. One must support their library in any way possible and Becky was working hard at crocheting lots of Christmas stocking for an event that is coming up soon. 

Later, the mineral collector in chief took grandma out in the driveway for a little "Bone? Stone?" activity. Then she took me bird watching. At not yet two years old this one already knows all about who comes to the feeders and is a big fan. Start them young, start them right......all in all it was a busy day. 


Jan said...

So much busy-ness. I'm just wondering, Marianne, if you are the queen bee?

threecollie said...

Jan, lol, I do not DARE answer that one.