Saturday, November 28, 2015

Here's Lookin' at You

Nectarine, the last official barn cat,
although there are a couple of strays around now and then.


Plus a small, but nagging, mystery solved. Every time I walked past our grain tub turned dumpster, I heard this weird rattling, like a bird in the bushes, from the other side of it.

When I looked, there was never anything there. I heard it every day.

It drove me nuts (not a long trip on the best of days.)

Finally, yesterday, I was out walking with the camera when I heard it again. Nothing there.


But when I went up back to get a pic of the heifer, there they were. On the other side, of the top of the dumpster thingie behind the brown rolled up awning, were twenty or thirty of these guys, all taking baths in complete privacy, in the rainwater that collect there.

They flew away too quickly for me to get a shot, but at least the mystery is solved.

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