Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Took da puppy up to the 30-Acre Lot this morning. There is nothing like the rear view of a fat, jaunty Jack Russell rump to enhance a little mini-hike.

He is a good companion too...adds an extra sense to the equation; I can see him smell every interesting thing along the way.

Alas the chain of command twixt he and me has some noticeable weak links, so we had to follow the path of leash resistance.He isn't too bad about that, except for every now and then getting into bondage and tying my feet together.

We saw the sun coming up bright against a quilted sky, all lined with clouds and laced with crows headed north by northwest. It is still warm enough for sweatshirts but brisk enough for hiking so it feels good out on the hills. I was guilty of not wearing my blaze orange sweatshirt, which is in the wash, but I imagine bright green will not be mistaken for a deer either.. 

Mack is a fine bird dog, fascinated by the chinking of some White-throated Sparrows, all the more so when he actually saw them....they came quite close to us.

Something down by the driveway frightened him...something I couldn't see, but it was there. His little tail tucked and he quivered behind me, peeking out at something only he could see.

I wonder....

BTW, the vote on yesterday's excremental inquisition weighed heavily toward large coyote, which is downright fine with me. We already know we have those...see them all the time. Don't need any bears keeping me from feeding birds, no way no how. So thanks to all who offered an opinion.


Rev. Paul said...

"leash resistance" ... LOL!

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very interesting article.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Terry and Linda said...

We get bears...they are rather loud. Bang into all sorts of things. I'm not fond of either...coyotes or bears, or mountain lions either.


lisa said...

How many dogs is that now? I am glad that I have only three! (I sometimes think that is way too many)

threecollie said...

REv. Paul, lol, yeah that

NotThatKind, thanks!

Linda, so far the bears have stayed in the mountains both north and south of us. I hope we don't see them any time soon.

Lisa, four, but only two are mine, just the pup and Daisy.