Thursday, November 19, 2015

My Q-tip and I

Made a tomato.

Actually we seem to have made several of them. It appears that maters are self-pollinated, although bees and the like can help the process.

However, wind seems to be more important to the deal.

Although this place is mighty drafty, the breeze doesn't seem adequate for tomato production, so I jiggled these blossoms around a while back with a Q-tip, and much to my surprise yesterday found little fruitlings.

Now it is just a matter of waiting for them to turn from green marbles to little red globes of absurd sweetness that simply explode with perfect flavor when nibbled....or gobbled, as is more likely by far.


Jan said...

That would be a way to stop blossom drop. But I think I would feel weird. :)

Terry and Linda said...

I need a winter tomato plant!! YUMMM!


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

I always thought of you as a busy bee, but I didn't know how apt a description of your work that was. A pollinator at work!

threecollie said...

Jan, I will do whatever it takes to get those tomatoes. lol

Linda, I had one a long time ago and enjoyed it...this one is better.

Jacqueline, thanks. lol

ellie k said...

Tomato crops here are just coming on, if you should buy some tomatoes look for the little Ruskin, Fl. sticker on them, that is our town. I saw a u pick field just opened. Every day I see semi trailers full of green tomatoes going to the packing house. We have tomatoes all winter but very few in the hot part of summer. Right after the holidays I plan to plant my raised beds, my neighbor said she would help me. That was usually my husbands job with my help. I can't count the things that my husband took care off with my help, now it is all my job. I miss that man so much it hurts to even think about it. It has been three month since his death and it seems like three years. Sometimes I think he will come through the door and then remind myself he won't. I didn't mean to get off on this, sorry. I wanted to tell you about the tomatoes.

threecollie said...

Ellie, I am so sad for you. I can't even begin to imagine what you are facing. I am so sorry. Months are but moments in the depths of grief.... Thank you so much for the information on tomatoes. We will be looking for the Ruskin sticker and hope to see it. We try so hard to avoid imported products, but it isn't easy. Take care