Thursday, November 19, 2015


Sometimes it works out well. That thing you were worrying about doesn't happen or goes away on its own, or turns out to be for the best after all.

And sometimes, not so much.....Something you didn't do comes back to bite you in the nether regions with teeth filed to a fiery point and trouble on the move.

You may remember when a varmint, maybe a fox, maybe not a fox, got on the back porch, wrecked the trash bags and alarmed was before the advent of Mack.....

The whatever...... coulda been a raccoon.... tore up the corner of the heavy hardwood that frames the door and made a mess.

For ages and ages, every now and then the boss would threaten to fix the hole.

In fact just yesterday...or was it the day before....he said, " I WILL get around to that someday."

I wasn't really all that worried about it.

Until this morning when I found a note on the computer when I got up....

"Skunk on porch. Be careful when you walk the dogs."

And so I was.

There was no smell, just dog food cans strewn all over and shredded aluminum foil.

Liz says there were two great big ones there when Jade tried to go to work this morning.

I am thinking that maybe the time for procrastination has passed and action is in order.

Just maybe.......


joated said...

CAUTIOUS action, to be sure, but, yeah, it sounds like it's time for repairs.

Jan said...

Sheesh, and I worry about a mouse in the garage

ellie k said...

If the boss is busy I would find a way to fix it myself. May not be like he would do it but it sure would keep out the skunks.