Friday, November 27, 2015

Rootin' Tootin' Shootin'

So while the turkey was browning and celery being chopped, a wounded deer was ended,  pain stopped in his tracks, and a buck tag spent on mercy.

We know his back story, that stout 8-pointer, of the person or persons unknown who shot right over our cows, among which he was standing, while the men worked a few yards away, in the driveway.

With no regard for buildings, or people, or cows, posted signs, or laws, someone took a risky shot, after the legal hours of hunting, and did mortal damage without killing.

Boom. Bad shot.

He was tracked,long hours into the darkness, by someone who actually has a clue, while the authorities hunted for the illegal hunter.

Alas, the buck left for the road, and the hunters hid well.

And then, after five days of what must have been horrible misery...I will spare you the details....he came back and was found....and it is all finished.

You don't want to know the bad parts; he was neither going to live, nor die easily, but it is done.

I am fine with hunting. We eat well because of hunting. But for Pete's sake, you turkeys from town.......there are plenty of deer out there. Don't shoot around farm buildings and animals. That can quickly become a tragedy or a felony. And if you can't hit what you aim at effectively, or won't man up and find your wounded, stay at home with a Bud and a hotdog. There's a TV channel for that.


TenMile said...


ellie k said...

Poor thing, thanks for putting it out of the suffering. Had it been wounded too long to clean and eat? Hope you had a good thanksgiving, I ate at my daughters and we had so much food and every bit was good. I even stayed a while longer then last time so I am doing better. It is hard to go to family gatherings without my husband, I know how hard Christmas will be. No matter how she sits the table there seems to be an empty chair. Have a good week end, hope you have some left overs to enjoy. I am going to my neighbors for lunch, so that will be fun.

Cathy said...

You see experience so many aspects of this old world that we city dwellers never encounter. Can't imagine it. So glad your good men were not harmed. It's all so big.

Linda said...

POACHERS! GRRRR! Thankfully he is out of his misery now!


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Idiots! Thankfully saner people finished the job.

threecollie said...

TenMile, I am so glad it is no longer suffering.

Ellie, He was beyond using for food, really, really bad.
I just can't imagine how hard it must be for you. I think of you often! we have TONS of leftovers. Too bad you aren't closer!You could come over for potpie! Enjoy your lunch.

Cathy, it gets pretty western. It amazes me what people will do.

Linda, They make me so mad!

Nita, poor things. I felt so sorry for what he must have been through. Absolutely covered with ticks, gangrene until he smelled so bad you couldn't get within ten feet of him, swollen up to twice his size in the leg where they hit him. One of Alan's friends is going to do a European mount of the antlers, because he had a lovely set.