Sunday, November 08, 2015


Looking north from the 30-Acre Lot

I was out for year birds. He was checking the scene for the upcoming hunting season. Yes, we hunt, and I have learned over the lean years to be fairly good at cooking the point we like it almost as well as beef.........almost.

Anyhow, as we passed from the 30-Acre Lot to the Old Spreader Field I saw a flutter up ahead. Just a few birds, but they were something different.  Eastern Bluebirds, common as dirt; we normally see them in January, but for some reason this year they have been elusive. So my goal was reached immediately. Huzzah.

Photo by Alan

Then we proceeded to walk until my pedometer said 4.7 miles. We mostly kept to nice, smooth, old lady friendly hay fields, but we walked through some rough too. I saw places I have never seen before despite over three decades wandering around the place. The boy is a woodsman....

Also by Alan

 I discovered that being able to smell a buck was not a happened to me up in we went into Stolen Car Field I smelled that gamy musky scent again. I pointed it out to Alan, but he had already noticed it. He is much better than I am at this stuff....he can even smell turkeys...but I still felt like Chingachgook or something.

Yeah, I know, useless skill but still....

It was fun...we are so lucky to have all this ground to wander over and so much to see. 


Terry and Linda said...

I love your farm. We name everything around here also!


Cathy said...

New addition to my bucket list:
Learn the musk scent of a buck :)

threecollie said...

Linda, thanks, I guess there is a need to communicate. Such as, "Where will you be cutting firewood today?" "T-Field, down by the maple woods." Works fairly well, and seems as if farmers have always done it. I would love to know some of your names.

Cathy, they don't smell real good...