Thursday, November 19, 2015

Show Support in a Positive Way

Be nice even. As you have probably seen on your Facebook feed, a vegan activist started a petition campaign to Wal*Mart protesting the sales of a livestock hauling trailer toy.

I won't go into the arguments against the toy. Specious hyperbole comes to mind when I read them. I am sure not going to share a link to such ill informed drivel. Heck, far from only hauling cows to the auction or the processing plant trucks like these are often used to transport the most valuable show cows in the the shows and home again......

However, to the animal rights folks, any animal contact is bad, no matter how caring and careful. 

We could all rail and wail and carry on about the petition, but instead, along with getting some more accurate information out to folks who want to know, some of the young movers and shakers in agriculture have found a positive and innovative way to spread a good word. 

They have started a campaign to purchase farm toys and turn them over to the Toys for Tots drive.

I salute them! We had thought to buy one for Peggy for Christmas, as she loves her farm toys and tractors, but this is even better. We are already teaching her about ag and she loves every minute. Other children might not share that opportunity.

Here are links to some of the folks involved:

Ryan Goodman, I am Agriculture Proud

Dairy Carrie, The Adventures of Dairy Carrie

Katie Pinke, The Pinke Post

Diana Pritchard, Righteous Bacon

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