Monday, November 30, 2015

Sour Moon

On the eve of Thanksgiving the moon rose over the horizon to the east like a big lemon lollipop or an errant toy balloon.

The day had been stressful.  The kind of stress that is embarrassing to admit to, as it is a stress borne of a great group of good things. Two cooks in one kitchen, cooking separate dishes for two different dinners. Major renovations taking place right outside the kitchen door, with attendant screaming power tools and lead cords dragged through the doors and draped all over.Good stuff, with good results soon to be enjoyed.

I was duly grateful for family and home improvements, but I can't lie.

I was stressed about half to death.

Thus as the day ended I sneaked out on my sitting porch, just the camera and me, and sat in my red chair snapping photos, looking as always for that elusive good moonshot.

There is a zone where all is forgotten and you are alone in your mind and at peace. I had just fallen into that place, watching the beauty, listening to the day's end sounds, resting my often too-busy brain.....

When WHAM. Somebody hit somebody down on the Thruway. Screaming tires and heart wrenching thump that is never forgotten, once heard. I ran inside to tell Jade, who was the only one in there, and ask if he thought I should call 911. However, within seconds red and blue lights were flashing, so I didn't.

I have no idea what happened. There were seven or eight emergency vehicles out there until hours later, and traffic was tied up for ages. However, if it ever made the news, I never saw it. How sad that someone's holiday was ruined.....I hope everyone is okay, but it sure didn't look good.

And I was once again grateful, that despite all the confusion, all of ours were safe at home. Thank God.


Cathy said...

So interesting . . . your survival strategy. I found myself doing the exact thing. I stepped outside to watch the moon. Somehow this ageless companion gives comfort. It's the constant through our lives that reminds us to chill . . . not to make too much of the little irritations and stresses. It's seen it all, and serenly sails on.
(GREAT picture :)

Linda said...

Yes, I have my cave in the basement in the winter to retreat to and the great outdoors when it's warm....I take my camera out most times too. I miss the dogs for those de-stressing moments. You got a good moonshot too!

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

I like knowing you have your red chair and your sitting porch, as well as a houseful of busy people doing constructive things. All will be well. Drive carefully. And keep taking your beautiful photos, like the one you took of that big ol' lemon lollipop moon.

Rev. Paul said...

We too are spending more and more time at home, and put off trips out until we can combine several stops into a single trip. Home is a sanctuary - mostly - and it's easier to hide than to fight the crowds elsewhere. :)

Linda said...

Yes, Thank God you and yours are all safe! Your Moon photo is lovely.


threecollie said...

Cathy, it almost always works, except when someone crashes a half a mile away...

Linda, it must be hard for you without your doggies. The two that surround me now, are not border collies for sure, but they do fill that dog shaped hole the BCs left in my world.

Jacqueline, thanks. I was very disturbed by the car crash. It just seemed so wrong under that beautiful golden evening light......

Rev. Paul, the world seems to be getting scarier and more intrusive. I don't know if this is real or a feature of the all-consuming nature of the Internet, but I feel safer at home.

Linda, thanks! I too am very grateful.