Monday, November 23, 2015

A Title, a Title, my Kingdom for a Title

Sunset yesterday wasn't too shabby though

Yesterday, the wind was howling, 

And the clouds were scowling.

As they scudded 'cross the hill outside the not-quite-daybreak window.

It set the dogs to growling

Then barking when the door slammed open, torn by hands of angry autumn gale.They made me feel like howling too.

Oh, how I hate November.

I hustled out on the hill to do the best I could with it

.......and then....came the next day, today that is, opening with an incredible cast of stars, sparkling and burning holes in the unlight sky. What color is that anyhow, that they shine against at 4 o'clock in the morning? Blue doesn't do it justice, nor black, but it is certainly some color.

At any rate, you can easily stand to stand under whatever color it is for a while, shivering puppy in tow, and just watch the stars as they twinkle... You can describe it scientifically, or just enjoy it like a little kid, looking up for the first time..

Then the horizons go all liquid and melt like northern water, all the colors of a deep, smooth  mountain lake, and just as indescribable. 

Crows wake up and shine their wings west by northwest, speaking to each other of the cornfields they will raid and the hawks they will encumber. There are hundreds of them every day and they foretell the weather. If it is gloomy, and rainy, and threatening to thunder they fly low and quiet, getting out and getting it done. On brighter days they are high and noisy and all about their business and everybody else's too. I love to watch them passing by.

 I built a fire this AM, as yesterday's went out, heat sucked out of the house by all that cold wind, until mere wood could not keep up. Then sat on a log by the stove, in between sorties for kindling wood....(do you mark down in your mind every stick and twig of dry wood around the place against a day like this like I do?).....and watched them passing over and the sun coming up and the frost melting in patches off the barn roof.

I hate November.

Some days more than others. 


Jan said...

Only 30 something more days until the sun starts back but this was a beautiful post.

A. Montgomery said...

I think we all count the days and hours until the ruling priest lassos the sun and pulls it back to us.

Love, Mom

NotThatKindOfFarmer said...

Very nice article.
And the pictures are so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing your experiance with us.

Terry and Linda said...

Beautiful! I hate November, January, and February. I only like December because Christmas lays within it.


threecollie said...

Jan, brrrr, brrr, shiver, shiver. lol

Mom, I miss my garden! lol Nibbling raw green beans is one of my favorite things. Love you

NotThatKind thanks!

Linda, thanks, me too. March is a little more bearable because at least the early migrants usually start coming back, but winter, blecchh!