Wednesday, November 04, 2015

This Magic Moment

Fall is hanging on like a stubborn sloth clinging to a dying tree. I am loving it though. Warm, sunny days, clear bright nights, one after the other. If only the government would stop screwing around with our biological timers so we don't know when to sleep or wake.....did you ever think that the timing...just before election day...was no coincidence?

I wonder how many people stay home from the polls because they are too pooped to participate.

Yeah, if only I wasn't feeling the after effects of that Mack truck that bowled through Saturday night, I might be able to stay up late enough to look for the Aurora, which is supposed to be shining us on here south of the border....the Canadian border that is.

Even getting up is an unexpected challenge, when your humble correspondent normally has no trouble winning the race against sunrise. 

And of only local interest, but what the heck, I am local...... Of the population of the city of Amsterdam in 2013, which totaled 18, 206 folks, only 2250 voted for one mayoral candidate yesterday, and 1304 for the other. I would imagine that perhaps an awful lot of people have nothing important to say about who is running their city. Of course many of those included in the population are not eligible to vote, being children, or not yet citizens, etc. but still......

- 3554

Or maybe it was the time change.......


Rev. Paul said...

Ignorance, or apathy? They don't know, and don't care.

Anonymous said...

Sad isn't it..... Scott

Cathy said...

So much here, Marianne.
We are so in agreement.
(Love your autumn simile:)

Terry and Linda said...

Apathy...what a sad way of being.


threecollie said...

Rev. Paul, I cannot imagine being that way but....

Scott, I thought of you guys when I read this. I wonder how many of the stay-at-homes are the loudest at meetings and on social media. I'll bet more than a few

Cathy, thank you. I am enjoying every day of this nice weather...and last night I went out several times trying to see the aurora...nope...and that was enjoyable too. Such stars! And planets!

Linda, hard to wrap your mind around