Wednesday, November 11, 2015


I did what I wanted to. Said what I thought. Spent time where I wanted to be with the people I love and wanted to be with.

The only fences held our animals safe. I saw no one who meant us harm, but instead enjoyed a visit from old friends who traveled freely here from there. They were not stopped at checkpoints, nor did they risk offending our leaders and being harmed. Customers stopped by too, ready to buy our product to feed to their animals.

It was all good, and well worth appreciating.There are problems with our nation, some of them new and pressing, others old and discouraging.

However, all in all, we are amazingly free and fortunate.

Thank you, Veterans, thank you.


Terry and Linda said...



FAST SOS said...

What a perfect post, whole heartedly agree with the sentiment, well done

Cathy said...

Oh my.
Very, very big.
Beautifully said, my friend.
God bless America and those who made and preserved her and continue to do so by their service.