Sunday, November 01, 2015


Jimi 'n' Janis maybe????

Hit by the season. I don't do well with short days. Cloudy, gloomy short days are the worst.

This is a cloudy, gloomy, short day with a time change. Arghhh!

Da chef (Lisa is a chef too, but I didn't get a good pic of her)

Still we had a great party yesterday. Not everyone could come but some folks from very far away made it....even my famous cousin. Another of my many, marvelous cousins brought me a delightful pair of china plates with BIRDS on them! Golden Crowned Kinglets to be exact. Delightful!

Everyone got into the

The party was fun. 

Food was great, (Matt and Lisa keep improving their barbecue until it is a good thing I don't live with them....see personal description below) companionship ditto, and some of the costumes of the season outstanding. Some folks did such a good job that other close family members were asking who they were. I didn't exactly knock myself out.....Alan got me a blaze orange hoodie and I went as a pumpkin. I was already round, so it was just a matter of gilding the gourd so to speak.

Now I will return to my gloomy grump and contemplate dragging myself outside to see what the jays are all about. The other day when the birds were making odd noises and I went outside to check I was treated to a Sharp-shinned Hawk right in the Winesap apple tree.

Grey ghost swift-winging, silent as murder, secret as death. It was able to fly away without me seeing where it went even when I was looking right at the place where it landed.

Talk about spooky.


Jan said...

You made my dark day brighter by sharing yours

Cathy said...

" . . . gilding the gourd . . " :)
Peggy is such a cutie! And trust me - I know just what mean about these shorter days. We have the same affliction. It must help a little to have her sweetness nearby.
As for that accipiter - I have trouble not wanting to shoot them. I think it's a Cooper's that's really gone after my feeder birds.
Your description was - perfect.

threecollie said...

Jan, glad to be of service. I am so grateful for the young folks around us. Without them I would be a hermit!

Cathy, the whole short day thing crept up on me, and then the time change pushed me over the edge. I could barely crawl out of bed this morning and I am still so-o-o-o-o-o sleepy. Winter is way too long!And thanks! We had a Coop earlier in the spring and it hunted relentlessly, although I never saw it take anything or found any feathers. I haven't seen this Sharpie again, nor have I heard much in the way of alarming, but it may still be hanging around. Time will tell.

Terry and Linda said...

I don't do well either...and the time change DOES NOT HELP!!! Growl.