Thursday, November 05, 2015

You Say Potato

And so does Peggy

The kids finished digging potatoes yesterday...a really nice crop too, and they are so delicious! Peggy went along to help...her mama buried some little ones in soft dirt so she could dig her own.

When they came back to the house she had to show me every single one of them, one at a time. I made a big deal out of sniffing each one..they just smell like dirt...and saying "foo" and making a face.

She thought that was hilarious, so she brought me more and more and more of them. Then she moved them from box to box and then hauled them in the living room. 

By bedtime last night she was still bringing me taters and laughing uproariously at "foo!".

How could you not love her?


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

I want to borrow that potato helper!! So cute :)

A. Montgomery said...

She is growing so fast. I love her dancing. I just love her! You too. Hey, I found the hospital bill from when you were born. Do you want it? Love, Mom

Cathy said...

This just makes me smile and smile. Thank you :)

threecollie said...

Nita, she loves the barn and gardens!

Mom, why yes, that would be pretty cool if you don't mind thanks! And we love you too. she is getting to be more and more fun every day. She hides behind my chair now and hollers, "hi" and laughs uproariously. Great fun!

Cathy, me too, she is so earnest and dedicated!