Saturday, December 19, 2015

Don't Drop 'Em

Note the turkey egg in the right foreground
Hen fruit bruises easily.

As you can see the kids' egg raising operation isn't going too badly. The chicks they brooded this spring are laying well and Liz is selling eggs right and left. We also have as many as we want to eat, which is downright nice. I never much liked eggs, although I do like to make a cheese omelet in spring when the first vegetables come.

However, the other day she fixed Peggy an egg in a way she has...we call them Peggy eggs, oddly enough, and Peg wouldn't eat it so I did. It kinda looked good.

And it was, so she has made me several lately.

Don't these look good too? Liz is selling them very reasonably if you are interested in a dozen.

Alas the dear, sweet tom turkey that I have pictured here several times passed away yesterday. A ^%$$##@% Rhode Island Red rooster squeezed under the turkey pen gate and beat him up very badly a couple of weeks ago.

Liz treated him as best she could but his injuries proved too severe for his delicate turkey system. We were fond of that silly bird. Whenever people walked up to the pen he would fan and strut and chortle with pride, yet he was so gentle you could pet him.

 Peggy loved him too and went in with him all the time, even though he was as tall as she is. She is such an animal know what they say about apples? Well she is the third generation to fall from that tree..

Sadly I don't see him being replaced by any other bird as sweet as he was, although they have plenty of other turkeys.

And....winter is here.  Lots of snow up by Buffalo. I planted a batch of Dutch iris, alliums and some other things, the name of which I cannot for the life of me remember, but they look like skinny hyacinths, yesterday though. The kids found them in the discount bin and perhaps because it is December they were discounted heavily indeed. But, hey, why not? It isn't any colder right now than many late Octobers have been and I wouldn't hesitate to plant then. And at that price, if they freeze they freeze. 

If they don't they will have to be moved though, as I stuck them in the garlic bed. My flower patch is so full of bulbs that when I planted tulips during the more traditional season I dug up as many as I put in. Don't want to risk that this late in the year.

Anyhow, happy shopping and all that. We are for the most part done...I guess....

However we aren't having much fun, whine, whine, whine, because our boy is stuck out on the road working. And what is a weekend without Alan? A weekday, that's what. And prolly a Monday at that.

Bah humbug. 


Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Beautiful eggs Liz!!

Amazon is my Santa this year! We have only went to the feedstore, as for shopping, not worth the hassle!

Linda said...

I love eggs so much I should get some hens again. Sorry to hear about the Tom turkey, a friend of mine had one much the same...more like a pet dog and probably thought that's what he was.

Earl said...

I do like to see the normal life of real people, and nothing wrong with Monday if your idea is going make it to Friday which this week will be special for various reasons.

Terry and Linda said...

I miss my chickens and my eggs. Eggs this time of year is a treat!


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Wish I could swing by your farm and buy some of those beautiful eggs. And also wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas.

ellie k said...

Beautiful eggs, a friend brings me half dozen fresh eggs every week. That is enough for one person. They are big brown eggs and nice yellow yolks. I do like eggs fried or boiled for my salads. Nice to hear you are about done shopping. I hope to do mine Monday after I buy a new battery for my 4 runner, last week it was 4 new tires. I really cannot complain the 4 runner is an 08 and has the tires and battery that came on it new. I only have four or five gifts to buy. I cannot get in the spirit of things this year. Losing a mate is really hard. I had myself a good cry this afternoon, I sure do miss him, he loved Christmas and being with the family. Sorry, I had to tell someone.

threecollie said...

Nita, I did some of our shopping there too. I was disappointed in how hard the music downloads are though. It took us two days to get that done on one thing Becky and I were doing.

Linda, I don't know how people who don't have animals cope. Table scraps...what would you do without hens to eat the vegetable trimmings and stale bread? And other foods go to doggies and And thanks, we miss Tom.

Earl, I would like Mondays better if they weren't just two short days ahead of deadline. I procrastinate very well, and deadline always comes at me like the proverbial rocket sled on rails. lol

Linda, we only had a couple for several years and you do miss them! I save all the old lettuce and apple peels and such for them and they love it.

Jacqueline, wouldn't that be fun! If you ever do actually want some and you get down this way, Liz meets people in town to exchange eggs all the time. We are in the phone book under my I feel so very wealthy when they bring in big piles of eggs, even though they are actually their eggs. They are great about sharing and eggs are such excellent food. And a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours as well.

Ellie, I feel so sad for you. I haven't been in your shoes, but what a tragic thing to lose the heart of your life that way. I can't imagine how terribly hard holidays must be for you. We don't spend a lot on Christmas. When the kids were small and dairying at least paid its own bills they had wonderful ones, and then when it all went south, many years we shopped right in the house. I gave my long arms to our boy over the years, books from my extensive lifelong collection to one daughter and saddles and such to the other for her horses. I don't have a horse any more anyhow..... This year we have at least dragged ourselves back from the edge...there was one year we pretty much lived on wild game...that we actually can shop in actual store. And so we have. I wish you the best....hang in there.

ellie k said...

I should never complain about my loss, tonight at church they asks prayer for a family that lost there 18month old baby, the father was feeding him a piece of chicken and he chocked and died on the fathers lap. I cannot even imagine the guilt and hurt that father must feel. Thank you for your kind words, they always make me feel better. I will spend Christmas with my daughter and family that live near me. I have had a number of invites for the day.

threecollie said...

Ellie, oh, what a terrible tragedy. I can barely think of it. Liz and I were talking about this, because it is so horrific, and I had to talk to someone about it. She suggested, and I think it is a great idea, that everyone be taught in school to do basic CPR and emergency first aid for things like choking. She learned it but not until college. I thought that it might be even better to start this training quite young and then refresh and build upon it with classes every year. It might not have saved that poor little one, but you never know. I used to live in terror of such things when ours were much can happen so quickly. Now with Peggy living here in our house, I know those worries again...
I hope your day is as good as it can be. We are hoping our boy gets home okay...he had to stay in NJ for an emergency job for his company so we didn't see him this weekend and it doesn't look like he will get home until Christmas. I miss him. Merry Christmas...

ellie k said...

Sons and mothers just have a special bond I think. My son is in Dubai working but will be home for two weeks this summer. Thank heavens my daughter and family are here close and I am thankful for that. Having great and wonderful kids is such a blessing as we both know,Yours and mine have grown into loving responsible young adults. I think both us mothers can take some of the credit for that.

threecollie said...

Ellie, it must be very hard to have your son so far away and in such a troubled part of the globe. I am glad he will get a little time at home this summer. You are probably right about taking some of that credit. lol.