Saturday, December 12, 2015

Hanging On

Been battling the books every day, which is why there hasn't been much in the way of posting. Gotta do it. It's a shame to miss this magnificent weather, tucked away in a dank and gloomy office just off the throne room, but it is what it is.

I must get the checks and balances and balance beams and checkered pasts all entered into the computer for next year, when Uncle Sam will be looking for an accounting and the accountant will be looking for data with which to render it.

However, I've decided not to knock myself out trying to get stuff together to apply for welfare subsidized government health insurance. I've been trying to get the job done for a couple of years now, as the fine is painful, but dagnabbit, farm books don't fit into the handy, dandy calculator one bit. How do I separate hay sales out into his and hers and show which of us is responsible for what percentage of the expenses? To heck with it. Let 'em throw me in jail. As long as there is a library I'll be good to go...or stay, as the case may be.

Thus I am light as a feather today. I still have to do books, but I am just going to pay the fine and be done with it. The day will come when I am dumped into Medicare and that will be sooner than it seems. And if there was a light in that blessed office I don't think I would even mind the books that much. Our good bookkeeper has taught me well and it is all pretty much logic. Nothing wrong with logic, although it is a little hard to find on the ground these days.

Oh, and the CMOS battery on the computer I use for books, an ancient, decrepit old Windows XP champ, has STB. Makes for interesting stuff with dates and times.....

Meanwhile, however, we are hanging on and enjoying the long, slow autumn. Sunrises alone are worth their weight in westbound crows and golden banners, and sunsets nearly match them.


joated said...

Yeah, this "one size fits all" health insurance plan isn't and doesn't. Never will and can't. But the Dems shoved it down our throats anyway. One more control/big government scheme with lots of room for control and graft.

Linda said...

I told them to put me in jail (as I needed a holiday) the last time they came around and threatened me when I only filled out the bare minimum on the cenus form....I guess they must have thought I wadsnt worth it. We were discussing this the other day as it pertains to Bill 6. If everyone of us just refuse to abide and stood together what would THEY do?

Terry and Linda said...

You are so lucky to still be having Autumn. Fall would be nice here...harvest is at a HUGE standstill...huge. With the weather dropping rain and snow like we have been in drought I don't know WHEN we will get to harvest. If this latest snow storm will get out of here and some sun would shine maybe....a huge maybe...we could begin harvest the week of Christmas.



Cathy said...

It's a "hanging on" time of year . . .
And the added burden of government regulations and threats . .
. . . well . . . hang in there.