Sunday, December 06, 2015


Moon, still on grass, although Liz tosses them a little hay
 if they are down when she is feeding horses

The farmers were at play yesterday, after the hay customers went on their way bearing good feed for their horses and cow.

Heading for the hill, which you can see in the background. it is much higher than it looks

The men went out behind 7-County Hill to do a little huntin'.

And Becky and I went walking. No particular danger. We were on the north side of a near-mountain. They were on the south. And each knew where the other half was.

Beck and I logged 7.7 miles without ever leaving home. There were however, some circles involved. It is fun to walk the perimeter of the fields, up against the hedgerows, to see what you can see....and hear.

Alas, the birding was a little lame. Chickadees, Starlings, Blue Jays, a single White-throated Sparrow, and an LBB that defied identification. Looked exactly like a female Indigo Bunting, but it is winter, so that is pretty darned unlikely.

Tall girls makin' shadows

Meanwhile the guys were seeing everything. Alan had THREE species of woodpecker dropping bark on him and generally being pests.

Talking books...well, actually, glaring at the pesky camera lady

However, on our end, the book talk went on from cover to cover...talking literature with no interruptions, except to say, "Look, isn't that pretty!" is a rare treat.

Until the sun dropped behind 3:45!!!!!....and it suddenly got really cold. Then we all had to look for the old man for a while, as he had wandered off on his own, and then gone home. Of course, he doesn't do cell phones, so we had to holler and call the house for a while, as the sun sank lower and lower. 

But he was fine. He just got cold. As we did. I swear it took me half the night to get warmed up. Becky was in shorts. She is probably still half frozen....although maybe all those kitties helped with that situation.

It was good. I love it that since I decided last January in Florida to get fitter or die trying I can walk all that way, up hill and down, and not even be sore or tired the next day. 

And it was fun. You don't get days like that in December often enough. 

Yote tracks. We saw a lot of them and some were HUGE!


Cathy said...

Delightful. Wonderful the way you take us with you. And I've seen those long shadows recently. What an interesting time of year.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Beautiful place you have.

I am liking the dark days less and less as I get older, too cold, and it makes me cranky.

Linda said...

Sounds like a good day..I'd love to pick your brains about books.....and walk with you. I decided to get fitter too and lost 40 pounds. Walking is my ME time.

Terry and Linda said...

Those tracks are as big as a rottweilers!


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Lovely and amazing, the land you live on! I so love coming here and traipsing the acres with you and your family. You make the details of daily life so real to your readers and help us to look around our own lives for what (and whom!) we are grateful for. I am so glad I found your blog those years ago, and that you continue to keep it. Thank you.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am loving this long, slow fall, or at least as much as I can love short days, darkness and drab colors. At least I don't have to shovel it.

Nita, thanks, yeah, if the sun comes out for a few minutes, I perk right up. Alas, a few minutes is all we get on an average day. At least it isn't snow!

Linda, congratulations! Wish I could say the same. At least the walking makes me feel good and I go whenever I can. Been wishing my old horse could be reincarnated so I could ride him. I am such a chicken about other horses, but I would try anything on his back.

Linda, those were some of the smaller ones too. They are calling these things coy-wolves now, but whatever they are, they are large and there are a lot of them.

Jacqueline, thanks..that goes ditto. I have learned a lot from yours about plants and the places they grow right here in NY, about which I formerly had no clue. I have one we found up in Montezuma that I need to show you. Weird stuff, pink flowers like a legume, but prickly vines that climb all over the lower growing plants.