Saturday, December 26, 2015

Schoharie Morning

We bird walked Christmas morning  down at Schoharie Crossing boat launch after the fun with Peggy was over. I wanted to play with my new toy...... Leupold binoculars.

 Alan gamed me good, calling me up and telling me how he had finished his shopping, but, oops, he had forgotten me. We'd get something after the holidays.

I was entirely fine with that and told him so. There comes an age when it actually is better to give than receive, and I have gotten there.

Then he walked in the door and handed them to me.

I was thrilled. I still am. I have never owned good optics....they make a world of difference and bring the birds close and clear. We walked along the bed of the river where the water has receded since they opened the dams for winter. It was only a little bit muddy and very interesting.

We saw an unusual perspective of the old Erie Canal aqueduct from the riverbed and then climbed up to the towpath and looked across the top. Amazing structure. it is a shame that so much of it has been destroyed by floods or taken down for safety.

We saw only ordinary birds, Tree and White-throated Sparrows, several kinds of gulls, Chickadees and such, but we sure got a good look at them.

Schoharie Henge

Tomorrow if all goes well, Montezuma, and Sunday the Christmas Bird Count. Alas it is supposed to rain......

Size 11 1/2 earthworm in the parking lot....someone needs to explain to him about winter


A. Montgomery said...

Lovely, but where are the Peggy pictures? Love Mom Got your phone call, must have been right after we left. Nice time up at Matt and Lisa's. Ate too much. Mom

Linda said...

Okay, I'm happy for you but just a tad jealous😋 In only the best of ways.

Cathy said...

Love the stonework photos . .. and share your amazement at the critters that are still with us so late in the year. There were gnats of some kind flying around our yard light his evening. Wow. Happy Birding with your new binoculars!

threecollie said...

Mom, they will you

Linda, it was so cool to get down on the riverbed to get photos of the aqueduct! Never been able to do that before, as usually when the water goes down the snow gets deep.

Cathy, thanks, they are so wonderful! This is the first morning I haven't been out birding really early with them. Had an early deadline because of the holiday though and had to write rather than play. Maybe later.