Friday, December 18, 2015

The Magic Blanket

The original pink blanket, back when it was still recognizable as such

Like ever so many little ones, Peggy has a blanket, to which she clings as if it was her furry  mother. Should she ever lose her grasp upon it, the world as we know it will end.

It was given to her way back before she was her baby a loving cousin who somehow knew just what she would like.

It is pink.

Of course it is pink. Little girls love pink dontcha know.

Our floors, alas, are neither pink nor particularly clean. I sweep. I require that boots be left in the kitchen...or maybe the dining room at worst.

I am much ignored

Pink blanket+ our grubby floors= nasty grey blanket that makes you cringe when you see it parading by in Peggy's loving arms.

Liz washed it the thing the other day and the baby actually stood with her arms around the washing machine sobbing. We don't have a drier either, so you can imagine how that went.

Thus we have been looking for a similar blanket since the attachment began.

Finally we found one on Amazon, but it was absurdly expensive, plus shipping and handling. 

We checked every store around here, some of them  more than once. No dice. No blanket either. Then yesterday we were at the local Walmart finishing up some last minute stuff when we checked the baby blanket display..........

And there it was! For less than half what it cost on Amazon.

You should have seen her when we took it out of the bag. It was still all stuck in a folded square the way they do with fancy blankets, but she stroked it and hugged it and ran all over the house with it.....

And then she hugged her grandpas knee and grinned up at him and it was worth all the looking and shopping, and most of the listening to screaming over the old one....... which, at least in theory, can now be washed regularly.....although I think it will never quite make pink again.

Babies-ya gotta love 'em.


Jan said...

We went through the exact same thing with my granddaughter and her pink blankie.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Our blankie was a pink cow, she is now the color of a Murray Grey and still on someone's bed ;) She's been pretend dehorned, butchered and shown, and called a Halfstein, and I would love to find a replacement.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh yes, how I remember the blankie! Woe were we if it couldn't be found at bedtime! I don't know if you saw my comment on an earlier post about cutting the blankie into four pieces so we always had a spare, but that really worked. The kids only wanted a corner of it to stroke on their faces, anyway. But I'm so happy you found a duplicate, and what a wonderful image of Peggy's delight!

Cathy said...

This is the sweetest 'telling' yet. Oh my. Oh my.
And this heartbreaker:
" the baby actually stood with her arms around the washing machine sobbing."
So very, very precious.
Happy New Blanket !!

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! I loved this post! Baby's you do love them!


ellie k said...

you probably should have bought two and had a spare.

Nursejoan said...

I agree with ellie k- 40+ years ago our Alison would walk up to the dairy w/ her "bobbie" blanket . . . memories- we all love them!!

Denny Gross said...

My 27 year old DIL stills sleeps with a remnant of her baby blanket. And I say remnant because shortly after she married my son, she decided to wash it by machine. The blanket shredded to pieces and she was devastated. I took the pieces and fused them to a soft cotton backing. It looks very odd but she was thrilled. And now they are expecting their first baby; we'll know next week if it's a girl or boy. But I'm definitely going to remember to find spares of any blankie that becomes a favorite.

threecollie said...

Jan, perfectly normal I guess, but it sure wasn't any fun when the blankie went missing. lol

Nita, lol. I had this little stuffed dog I called Fluffy that my dear auntie gave me when I was tiny. Guess I was always nabbing hers. Anyhow, I still had him when I married Ralph.....

Jacqueline, I did, and we thought about doing it, but she is such a little smartie we figured she would have a fit. I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find this one. I have been looking pretty hard.

Cathy, we are! Happy about the new blanket that is. It is fun to do all this kid stuff with a baby that I can just play with and then hand back. lol

Linda, we just love her in a thousand ways. And she is growing so fast!

Ellie, they only had one! Must be a popular blanket Otherwise we probably would have and just put it away for the next blanket crisis. lol

Nursejoan, I had one myself and clung to it long enough that I remember taking naps with it upstairs over my grandma's house with the grownups doing things that were ever so much more interesting than napping out in the kitchen. Don't think I slept much.

Denny, congratulations! You are in for a truckload of fun! And how very sweet of you to find a way to salvage the blanket. Such things become real treasures if they somehow survive childhood. We just dug out a polar fleece play farm mat I made Alan when he was small so Peggy can play with it. It doubles as a very warm blanket, but has roads and fields and houses and barns of different fabrics appliqued upon it. He enjoyed it and I am sure she will too....once we take it off his chair....