Friday, January 22, 2016

Facebook Follies

Just as a benchmark here, I've been eligible for senior citizen discounts for quite a while now. As might be expected my mama is even older than I am...funny how that works isn't it?

Anyhow, we play Facebook games together and send each other little treasures and stuff every day. It always kinda lights up my morning when I open some game and find that my mama has sent me goodies.

I mean, how lucky, how blessed, can you be, to have both senior citizen discounts and a delightful mama that you can interact with every single day? I treasure it I'll tell you.

Thus when this morning I opened my Mousehunt game to go after those awful underwater mousies and it said that she wasn't my friend any more I was stunned. At first I wondered if I had said know how you do....but I couldn't think of anything. We get along real well.

Then the girls checked their friends list too and she was just.....gone....vanished....couldn't even find her with a search.

Facebook be darned, I could sure find her with a phone call. 

However, I have been well-trained not to call her early. She has always liked to sleep in, something utterly incomprehensible to a dawn chaser like myself, but I have learned to respect our differences.

I waited, fidgeting, and discussing with the girls what might have happened, until I just couldn't stand it any more and called.

She and dad are fine and I was most grateful indeed.

But then the questions about the whereabouts of her FB account were answered and now I am more puzzled than ever. Remember, neither she nor I are spring chickens....we aren't prudes either, but still. She was shut down for excessive nudity in her photographs!

WHAT! Do they maybe mean the pattern for a crocheted sheep she shared? That was pretty much undressed, but like most sheep it had a woolly coat...

No, wait! I know what it was! It was the Assateague Island ponies sunbathing that she shared yesterday! They were ALL naked!

Whew, I was getting kind of worried.


WendyFromNY said...

Shame on your mom, posting all those nekkid bodies! Glad she is still out there. I was looking at your gimongous coyote tracks, and wonder if you should get you a trail camera, might find some interesting stuff out...

A. Montgomery said...

I am so sorry I caused you concern. It was total unknown to me until you called as I hadn't logged in yet. We were enjoying fox and friends. It was easily fixed. Thanks for your call. I thought it would take much more trouble. So far all is well.
Love Mom

Jan said...

Does this mean horses must be properly clothed on FB?

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Love the last picture! Peggy is blessed! Thanks for sharing :)

threecollie said...

Wendy, we have often talked about it, and really should. These tracks were just a few feet behind the barn. It is no wonder deer come down into the old barnyard to have their fawns!

Mom, glad things were okay. We were real worried....we love you and

Jan, I am wondering. They do make those nice horse PJs. I always wonder when I see them how they get them on the horse! And then there's the question of why. lol

Nita, she is such a dear and so much fun now that she is really getting talking.

Cathy said...

Oh my. You are so blessed. And I love your self-designation as a "dawn chaser."

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am and grateful for it. Thanks for your kind words.