Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Hammer and Tongs

Well, chainsaw and log splitter really. Yesterday the stove was pretty much out and the house was an iceberg. (Except in the Peggy space where there is extra heat.) 
See there is this thing where I would tend the darned stove if I could  lift the logs, but if they are the size of my torso I cannot put them in the stove. I started tending a wood and coal stove the winter I turned EIGHT, and lived many years with only a wood fire as a source of heat in very cold domiciles where it was build a fire or freeze.

 The stove is supposed to run at 184-6 degrees and it was languishing at 126. I went out to deal.

Broke up tiny dry box elder twigs. And then bigger ones. A broken bird how lovely that cedar smells when burning. An old lilac bush that fell in the horse yard..... Dang, that stuff is stringy. After I went at it for a while Liz sent Jade out with the little chainsaw to cut up some apple, bigger box elder...too big to stomp on to break....and sundry other odds and ends.

Farm Show Fox

Then the boss brought down some excellent firewood in the world...and the fellas brought the tractor over and split it. Splitting the firewood so the womens can lift it is a tradition not much honored around here.

Then there was some actual dry box elder brought in too. I tended stove all day and even oversaw the night time stuffing of same. 

This morning I got up to a warm house! Actually had to take my down vest off when I came in from filling it again. I now have it topped up for the day and the place is toasty.

I have explained to the boss that this is what he can look forward to if he makes the wood small enough for me to lift and toss......all he has to do is bring it and split it and throw it in a pile. .


Jan said...

Your requests seem reasonable to me.

A. Montgomery said...

Can she write her name yet?????? Such a lovie!

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Great article!!I am delighted to read this article.
Thanks for sharing!!

Terry and Linda said...

Terry is the wood spliter and I am the fireplace tender...but it does have to be split!


Cathy said...

You know more about types of wood than 99.99999% of your fellow Americans.
Pretty cool. Or should I say "nice and warm" ? :)

Stay cozy, my friend.
And repeat my mantra:
"Spring is just around the corner."

Anonymous said...

HI YOU .,...miss you as I do not get your notifcations any more try to send them to me have moved and things have been interesting My beloved Willow House not sold as yet but next week hopefully deal is done. COld up here in NE Minnesota too twenty seven below the other night..actual temp Tonight ten eblow....but hosue is cold through and through with ice on walls. I also tended three woods stoves when we ran the resort in Ely for 55 years......wet wood a lot of the them, and made it very hard to work with or keep warm. So I know what you are dealing with...your hubby is going to see the warm difference ha ha ha when it is small enough for you to lift. Know you are loved from here....and love the sweet baby girl------------------stay toasty...I will too.....try to get me back on notifications Love to you all Merri

Dairy Equipments Manufacture said...

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Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Cuteness overload there in that last photo!

lisa said...

I am glad to have Kegan, but there will come a day he will be gone, then I can complain about the wood being too, big. Glad you were able to get up with a nice warm house.

threecollie said...

Jan, alas, I had split wood for two days and now am back to logs and only logs.....dagnabbit

Mom, oddly enough she was scribbling over where I wrote her name to color and was saying the names of the letters. She is such a cutie. Love you!

NotThatKind, thanks!

Linda, I don't mind the minding at all, but there is no way I can split these huge pieces of hardwood. Or even small pieces of hardwood. lol

Cathy, huh, I never thought of that. It is something we take for granted pretty much. As to spring...would you believe that a small percentage of the male goldfinches are already turning!!?! Just small patches of bright yellow feathers here and there, but still! Much as I hate winter, if we have to have it this is the kind I would choose.

Merri, I have tried and tried to fix the subscription problem, but I just can't. wish I could! Sorry it is so cold where you are. That must be rough. You take care! Lots of Peggy pics today.

DEM, thanks

Nita, she takes her "writing" very seriously. lol

Lisa, it is pretty frustrating. lol