Sunday, January 03, 2016

Perfect Timing

I shamelessly stole this photo from Liz's FB page....thanks, Liz
Both Moon and Moonshine are behind Bama, but she is a fat old girl and has them
mostly hidden.

The two old cows and the heifer have been out on pasture right up until now. They have been getting all the baled hay they could eat for several weeks, but with the temperatures mostly above freezing, and sometimes even above summertime, they were better off out.

They are both going to turn 9 this year and that means old arthur...itis, that is....can make it difficult for them to get up and down on a hard barn floor.

However, tomorrow night it is supposed to go down around four degrees, so the kids got a nice pen built for them down in the old heifer barn and we brought them in.

We are pretty sure Bama has been in there before when she was a heifer, but Moon was a show calf and stayed in the cow barn. The little heifer has only been in a barn for a couple of days, and she had never been in this one.

Thus when all went smoothly we were glad. I think they were happy to be in. Old Bama pawed shavings like a mad bull and danced around kicking up her heels like a clumsy fool. She is pretty seriously too darned fat and looked pretty silly. 

Hopefully they will do okay in isn't a particularly cow-friendly barn, having been built long before concepts like proper ventilation were on the horizon. However, with just three cattle, three sheep, a big old horse, some bunnies and a mess of poultry, it should be okay.



Throwback at Trapper Creek said...


Cathy said...

4 degrees! No way! Wow..

(I love the image of Bama heavily frolicking in those shavings :)

Terry and Linda said...

We are so cold we are fighting frozen drains and pipes. Cows and barns just go together.


ellie k said...

Is the old cow preg. Or just fat?

lisa said...

Sounds like the cows will be liking it! It sure was pretty darn cold this morning, Matt left at 3 this morning, he said it was still in the 20's. When I got up, it had gone down to 7 degrees.

threecollie said...

Nita, the timing was just right. Really cold and icy now

Cathy eight below right now. I am glad they are inside. And Bama owes a lot to you....

Linda, I read about your fighting with the pipes...yuck. I am so sorry

Ellie, fat as a hog from all the grass she could eat all summer. Hoping to get her bred in the next few weeks.

Lisa, I feel bad for the guys working out in this today. Even with good clothes they must be freezing. Even Daisy came back when I called her!