Thursday, January 21, 2016

Winter Solace

Having passed the winter solstice we must look for solace in the small things that continue to entertain and warm hearts through the frigid doldrums.

These torn up jeans were destined to be kindling, but Mack had other ideas

I may have mentioned how I am not a winter more than a thousand times or so....but I do try valiantly not to waste at least six months of the year, if not more in bad years, and so look for the good side of things.

Red-tailed Hawk soaring out of the Black Walnut tree right next to the driveway

Managed a walk yesterday, minus JRT due to the ice, but plus binoculars and camera. Not much to see but an anemic sunset and some of the biggest coyote tracks I have ever found. They were nice and crisp too, not sprawled out by melting.

Said walk was cut quite short but the combination of slippery ice and icy hands and cheeks...for a day that was warmer than many previous it sure was nippy. It did me good to get out though.

Big yote track. If our last remaining barn kitty goes missing, we will have a good idea why,
as this is right behind the old cow barn

 I am looking forward to the time when the snow folds in upon itself and decays from underneath, looking for all the world like icing piled on a too warm cake. And below it we will find something better than cake.....spring!

A little sunshine every day......


A. Montgomery said...

She sure does brighten your day. What a sweetheart. She likes to say no.
Love Mom

Jan said...

Some welcome and happy images...I'm not a winter person either.

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Sounds an excellent day!
And you got some amazing clicks.!!
Thanks for sharing

Linda said...

I'm noticing the lengthening days here too...looks like we both have to deal with the ice for a while yet though.

threecollie said...

Mom, she is such a funny, bossy, sweet little person. We all really love her. Glad she got to visit you this week. Love you!

Jan, I do my best, but I miss outdoor things. It is so icy. And cold. That too.

Notthatkind, thanks

Linda, it was still kinda light at five thirty last night! Awesome. Hate the ice though. At least I only have to walk on it, not chop it!

Cathy said...

Oh my gosh! :
" . . . like icing piled on a too warm cake. And below it we will find something better than cake.....spring!"
Perfect, perfect Marianne metaphor.
You know we're soul sisters regarding this winter thing.

threecollie said...

Thanks, Cathy, I am always glad to talk to you in part because we share that trait. Winter is so hard for me and for you too I know. Thanks for your kind words.