Friday, January 29, 2016

Working for the Government

They tax us at play
Everyone around here has been largely working for the government lately. I've been doing hours and hours and days of bookkeeping, which is why I haven't been writing much.

The boss has been selling hay that he made last summer to pay the county property tax and the school taxes. It takes most of what he makes. I've been struggling over the health insurance penalty and decided just to pay it.

They tax us at work

The girls worked hard doing their taxes over the past week too. We also paid taxes on Alan's snowmobiles and fees to register them. Dog licenses. Tolls on the highway. And that's besides working to know how much we need to pay.

I checked when Tax Freedom Day, the day when the average working stiff has paid their share for the year, will occur for 2016. Last year it was April 24th for the nation as a whole. NY with its high tax rate is usually even later. 

Over the past several years the day has come later each year, so I expect that this year it will occur after the 24th.

In contrast Food Check Out Day, the day when the average American has worked long enough to pay for their food for the year, generally falls in February, generally during the third week. 

Kinda makes you think. All you can eat paid for in under two months, yet the government bite takes nearly twice as long.


If they have to reach that deep into our pockets, I wish they would at least do their own bookwork.

Even the sheep has an opinion


Linda said...

It's nuts here and more tax and now even more...I think we should all move to the end of South America sometimes.

Cathy said...

Truly depressing. But you managed to make me smile with the pictures of your young ones whose existence makes this old troubled world a better place.

Terry and Linda said...

I hate this time of year...makes all us wish we could hunker down and live unnoticed, but the long arm says GIVE! So we do.



Jan said...

And there seems to be no relief in sight

threecollie said...

Linda, there was one day when almost everyone in the family was doing tax stuff, paying fees and licenses and just plain taxes. It is so all-consuming.

Cathy, it is depressing, more so the more you look for all those hidden fees and charges and realize all you do to meet their demands. I do love those young folks though

Linda, it is so hard for me. My brain just doesn't work that way but it must, and I can't seem to enjoy doing anything until I get it done.

Jan, nope, not ever I guess.