Thursday, February 18, 2016

All the news....

I humbly apologize for prolonged absence. We have all been so sick as to seem unfamiliar....who is that grey blob in the mirror anyhow? Cheeks like cherries, lips like lizards? Nope, nobody I know.

And scheduling's been hard. When you have to pencil three-hour blocks of time for coughing into your dance card, there's not much room for waltzing....or typing.

Flu shots were futile. Some got 'em some didn't; none benefited. Jade went straight to the doctor and got good drugs, and may have gotten better quicker than the rest of us...but maybe not too. He was the first with it and he's still pale enough that his dark lashes make him look as if he's wearing kohl. 

However, this morning I felt a faint burst of pleasure at rising to find the sun shining on a cold, but cheerful morning. Optimism....I had nearly forgotten it, but there it was, tapping me on the shoulder.

Bout time. I have fed the birds faithfully....but have not unscrewed the big feeder to load it up since last week. I knew I'd never get it back together again. I'm still not up to it today, but maybe tomorrow. Meanwhile they can eat off the trays and the ground and the oak log the boss topped with the bottom of a barrel for a feeder.Had to feed the doggies over the sink, as I had a hard time hitting the bowl.What is is with canned dog food anyhow? It goes everywhere but where you point it.

During our illness interim Mother Nature went plumb off her meds. We went from pretty decent weather to at least 22 below overnight. With howling gales strong enough to pick up the metal lawn chairs and give 'em a whoflung. Not a big deal normally, but they were FROZEN INTO THE GROUND!!!

Thankfully, something made the boss suggest that the next time we sold a load of hay we spend the money buying a load of wood from our logger. I said, "Why wait?" (and wondered why I hadn't thought of that myself. The weather makes getting up to the woods really hard and being sick doesn't improve things any...and of course getting wood in a few seasons ahead is simply not done around here.)

So Friday, a faithful friend brought us in a load of logs. Good thing because even with them, we could barely get the house above freezing.

Two days later it was fifty. Nothing like a seventy-degree temperature variation in as many hours.

Then we, and a goodly percentage of the other landowners around here (judging from chatter at the Post Office) received a Priority mailing from a solar farm building company wanting to make non-binding agreements on people's land.

I dunno know about you, but when somebody starts talking about doing things on our land I get nervous. This ain't just real estate. It's HOME!

So I ask for your help.....

I have come to realize over the years of writing this that the people who read it share a collective knowledge of thousands of topics that would rival an encyclopedia.....

So, do any of you know anything about Cypress Creek? I have been able to discover that they are huge and have fingers in many pies, all over the country, but not much else. Their folder on the table by my computer makes me nervous.

Meanwhile, if you see anyone doubled over coughing, stay away from do not want this bug.

Still the best strategy with flu


Jan said...

Your instincts have always seemed to serve you well. I would go with them.

Jacqueline Donnelly said...

Oh dear! So sorry! Glad to hear you're feeling better. Missed your almost daily posts and observations. Somehow, though, you did get outdoors to take those marvelous photos of ice-covered everything. And look! The sun is shining out of a clear blue sky today. All is well.

Linda said...

Glad to hear you're getting over the flu...I hope not to even lay eyes on anyone with that nasty thing. Cyrpress Hills I know but nothing about a Cyrpress Creek...although there might very well be one frozen in them that hills.

TenMile said...

Hi, Three Collie. Happy to read you're recovering.

Cypress Creek, as it probably pertains to you, is a renewable energy holding company. When dealing with them think acres and acres of solar panels, or wind farms with huge blades, and, in Trump en speak Imminent Domain claims.

They like relatively isolated areas to build in.

Cathy said...

Oh Marianne! I am so sorry! And tell you what. It sure didn't damage your writing skills. Also. Scares the heck out of me. We got those flu shots and I keep reassuring myself that though we're 2 days from home - we're not gonna get that thing that we've heard people talking about. Yikes. Did you all start Tamiflu?

Terry and Linda said...

Cypress Creek makes ME nervous...proceed very, very carefully. When it comes our farms (all of us that live on them) it seems there are people out there trying to get them. Hang tight and don't let them have your home!

We've been seeing children at Wal Mart and about coughing and hacking...Mother's pushing them along like cattle. Terry and I practically run from the area they were in.


ellie k said...

We have cypress creek Down here but it is house building mostly, a few other building projects but house is there main thing. When we were in Germany we saw acres and acres or solar panel farms.they would be as far as the eye could see from the road.

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Ohh Dear..!!
Get well soon.! I'll pray for you!!
Though i must say you got some amazing clicks.!!
Thanks for sharing..!

Cathy said...

Marianne . . .. I have not been this sick in decades. Did you run temperatures? Hoarseness with the cold? And later some actual queasiness? This is awful. Sorry to be such a wuss :(