Thursday, March 03, 2016


Coyotes dragged this set of vertebrae and ribs out in the field, whence I removed them, so they wouldn't end up in the hay machinery. This was a large doe, the one Jade got last fall....and yet all these bones only took two fingers to pick up. It was a surprise to find them to be so light.

The same critters found this Mountain Dew bottle somewhere and played with it
 just like Mack does and then left it in the middle of the hay field too.


Rita B Caldwell said...

When pick up limbs off the hay fields in the spring we find a lot of the same thing. We have a new neighbor to the west of our biggest field and we're finding a lot of his trash in our fields. It may take longer to clean off this spring.

Terry and Linda said...

We get trash too...sorta sucks. But I go out and pick up. Ours come from people throwing trash out of the car windows.


FAST SOS said...

what a beautifully sunbleached set of bones!
hope you have a great weekend,
all the best

threecollie said...

Rita, we are lucky that we don't farm our road is just woods and cliffs and steep hills. Out driveways come in for a lot of beer bottles and McDonald's wrappers though. I wish you the best in your clean-up efforts.

Linda, our driveways take the worst hits. Have to watch out for the broken beer bottles.....

Fast, thanks, best to you as well and thanks for visiting.