Monday, March 07, 2016

Man Glitter

These guys came down on Sunday
And helped these guys
Turn all the logs that were left into this
And they all got covered with man glitter

Can't thank any of them enough. Now we can be warm and have hot water.  We had birthday cake after and it was delicious.


Jan said...

Country traditions are alive and well at Northview.

lisa said...

They are great guys, love them to pieces! Glad to know you will be nice and warm for a few weeks!

Cathy said...

Man Glitter. Wonderful. In so very many ways.
Stay warm and cozy amidst the caring and friendship.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Such a great post!

A. Montgomery said...

Some woodcutting team! Glad you will be warm again. Where are Peggy's birthday pictures? I'm still waiting. Love, Mom

Terry and Linda said...

I'm so glad you have such a huge family of friends and relatives! Warm for a few more weeks! YAY!


threecollie said...

Jan, and I am very grateful!

Lisa, and handsome too. I was struck by how much Alan and Matt and Kegan look like my dad.

Cathy, thanks! Hope you folks are doing okay too. Ralph asked me to tell you he hopes things are going better for you both now.

Nita, thanks, it was sure something to see, all those young men out there moving wood like it was their job. And it is awful nice to go out and tend the stove and not have to hunt.

Mom, today's post should help with the whole Peggy fix thing. Love you too.

Linda, I am so grateful for them.

Rita B Caldwell said...

There's nothing more forefilling than having a huge supply of firewood. We have our woodhouse half full and hope we have enough on the front porch to do for the rest of spring. We try to get all of supply for the year cut in the spring and under roof to keep it dry. We only used about half of what we had and were able to go to the woods for dead/dry wood as we needed so we wouldn't have to use all of whats in our 20x20 woodhouse. Your help is awesome and wish we had it but we do enjoying going to woods together at least once a week to cut firewood and blend into nature. We bring it home to split with the log splitter which is wonderful for old backs.
Enjoy your spring and I love your blog!

threecollie said...

Rita, I am so grateful for the wood supply. I can haul it, I can stack it, I can take care of the fire. However, I won't run a chainsaw and my splitting days are over. I am really thankful that the guys made all that wood for me. Take care, and thanks for your kind words.