Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saving Miss Daisy

You can imagine how things are around here. The phone rings almost continuously, mostly with people who want stuff from us, and none of them talk to the others, so duplication is the word of the day. And there are doctor visits, and the boss isn't driving yet. He is doing better though, thanks. 

Thank God for Liz being willing to drive him and for Alan finding us a good car so we are not stranded. I am comforted that it is another Durango. Say what you will about your gas guzzling SUVs. The old green one was a great car and served every purpose we chose it for. The new one is fancier, but it shares the same useful features plus more.....

Becky has done a lot of walking to and from work...we are both looking for greater fitness so there is an upside to that. Although I worry....she has to pass some pretty unsavory places....

Anyhow, to add to all the fun we came home yesterday to find Daisy with her nictitating membranes up across her eyes.

Darn it. I knew something was up with her the past few days, but she wasn't showing any major symptoms and we are......dealing.....all the time....with stuff....

However, we have been down this road before. The little fool will every now and then decide not to drink. At all. I used to mix her canned food with so much water she had to practically suck it up with a straw, but she hasn't needed that in months.

Back to the drawing board I guess. Liz and I talked about it and she really has no excuse. I wash the doggy water bowl and fill it every day....and so does it gets two good cleanings a day.

Anyhow, she ran out for some Gatorade and I syringed it into the little stinker's mouth about 20 ccs at a rip. Within an hour she was up and running. I mixed her night food with another half a cup and this morning she is back to her old self.

What a weird little dog. I think if we didn't intervene with the Gatorade she would just lie down and die.

Anyhow, hopefully she will continue to recover. Meanwhile, a very happy birthday to the boss's brother, who has one today. 

And top o' the morning to you all. Hope you got your green on.


NumberWise said...

I'd perk up and run away, too, if someone tried to force feed me Gatorade.

I'm glad Alan found you another Durango! I know how well you liked the old one. I hope the boss will be back to driving soon. Perhaps you should dose him with Gatorade...

Cathy said...

Awww . . . Sure glad the boss is improving . . but that business with Daisy. Dang.
And that phone ringing business . . . yeah . . . it's getting crazy. Hubby just hangs up. He used to say "Sorry."
Nope. "Click."

ellie k said...

I drive an 08 4-runner and love it, would drive a newer one if I could afford it, new tires and battery this year and good to go for a while yet. Yes a gas guzzler but much safer then those little gas savers. Mine only has 60,000 miles so a lot of good miles in it yet. One of the local farmers will buy it when I am ready to sell, used 4 wheel drives are always in demand here. Glad the boss was in a safe vehicle when the accident happened.

threecollie said...

NW, I actually drank some of hers...out of the bottle of course....I don't mind some of the flavors. Fortunately she likes it pretty well. I don't know what's up with her. She is perky, lively, goes out hunting every day and cleans up every bite of her food eagerly, but she is a little off. The poor boss is pretty rough off after yesterday. I really feel sorry for him.

Cathy, of course we get a good dose of telemarkers, but the worst is the insurance companies. Two of them. We have no choice but to deal with them, and there is an awful lot of one hand having no clue what the other hand is doing. This too shall pass and I keep reminding myself, but it can't pass fast enough for me. Hope you are both feeling better.

Ellie, that darned Cash for Clunkers program took so many still useful trucks and SUVs off the road. They are hard to come by around here and very expensive. This is a nice car and I am glad to have it, but we were hoping to get another two years out of the old one. It was well broken in and all, and no one minded if people used it to haul sheep or chickens. lol