Monday, March 14, 2016

Winners All

Yup, Candy Crush, before her hair is even brushed in the morning

There were no real losers in the Great Chipmunk Wars.....not, however, because I didn't try.

Liz just walked through the dining room and noticed that one of the birds on a bag of cracked corn that our nice bird seed man gave me last month was moving. Since it was just a printed birdie there was something wrong with that picture.

The next thing I knew she was hollering, "I got the chipmunk, I got the chipmunk," as she hurried through the kitchen in her stocking feet, with the top of the bag squeezed tightly shut. It was rustling wildly though.

She was just going to turn the little monster out on the step, but I wanted it a little farther from the house. I had shoes on so.......Daisy was still markedly uninterested, so Liz suggested I take it up to Ren's run to let her have a go.

Yes, I am just exactly that much of a meanie. Alas, although Ren was game the munk was faster, and so it is now outdoors under the horse barn. 

I would imagine even as you are reading this that it is showing off its big fat belly and bragging to the other chippies about the great restaurant it found. I just hope it turned off its GPS......I can just hear the Garmin lady now......"Proceed due north toward the big white house. Turn right and race across the driveway. Watch out for that hawk.....three hops ahead and turn left at the cement step. Turn left. Turn left.....recalculating......"

I'll bet there are a million sunflower seeds under the hutch, but I'll be darned if I'll move it again.


Cathy said...

That's got to be the funniest chipmunk story - ever!

Jan said...

Sad to hear it ended. But maybe not...

Terry and Linda said...

You have me chuckling, although I know you aren't!


ellie k said...

I opened the back door and started to step out but something shiny caught my eye, it was a very good size snake. After I stopped and looked closer it was only a black snake but it sure startled Me for a few seconds. I got the broom and sent him on his way. At least he was not in my house.

Carol said...

Love to read your stories. Keep on writing.

The Furry Gnome said...

One year I relocated six chipmunks, although they all didn't get right inside! They all just followed the same route.

threecollie said...

Cathy, I am SO glad he is not here anymore! Every time I walked through the dining room I knew SOMETHING had to be done...but what? And now, it is all ours again. lol

Jan, the little stinker.....

Linda, we did have a few laughs over it. When I told Alan about it...he has been working in the city....he must have laughed for ten minutes. Then he participated in the dining room frenzy. Can't tell you how happy I am that it is gone! lol

Ellie, EEK! I like snakes, but around here we are pretty safe from the venomous ones that you have where you live. There is a den of rattlers across the river, but you don't see them very often any more.

Carol, thanks, I love telling them.

The Furry Gnome, we used to only have a few, up in the heifer woods, and I enjoyed going up to photograph them. However, last year must have been a high in the cycle for them and we have dozens by the house. they sure can be pests.