Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Yessir, yessir

Bearded Belgian D'Anver Bantams

Three bags full....well, really, one bag, but there is lots left over. 

I love these little birds

The kids had a friend stop by yesterday to shear the ram and ewe they are keeping and to take the other one over to today's sale. 

They also brought home a bum lamb that another friend gave them. I am most glad that it is not me who has to traipse to the barn so many times a day with a bottle of milk. I have been there, done that, and enjoyed it too, but I am still glad it's not me doing it.

Klondike and Echo

Varmints got most of the lovely little chickies the kids were raising, so today was bird moving day. Now the remaining chicks and one hen are in the coop the boss, Alan, and Jade built last winter. We had one like it back in my chicken days and they benefited from the mistakes we made and have an even better one now. I used mine for 20 years or more.

The big Cochins are now in the small free-standing coop right outside the back door. Matt gave it to us a few years back. I love having them out there where I can hear them and see them from the kitchen. The coop is too cold in the winter, but it does them well in summer.

Enough wool for an ostrich nest with some left over....
if ostriches built nests from wool that is

Anyhow, no one has any use for the wool from the sheep, so I grabbed some to put in a mesh bag for bird nesting amterial. I am going to ask Liz to save me a bit in the barn too, so it stays dry so I can put more out later, when the nesting season really gets going. The chickadees are already picking at it!


Cathy said...

Feathers, fur and wool. You're so lucky that they're not in short supply at Northview :)
I have to run across to the neighbor's dog to get my fur fix.

Wool? That would be one of hubby's old suit jackets.

Cathy said...

PS. Wasn't too clear on that comment above.

Haven't been near a sheep since the Loudonville Free Street Fair years ago.
So to touch wool . . . I have to find one of Keith's wool jackets :)

Terry and Linda said...

I hate VARMINTS! They are terribly hard on chickens!!


Linda said...

I've had my fair share of bum lambs and sure don't miss the traipsing....that's such a good idea having netting material handy for the birds. We often see bits of stray net wrap used high up in the spruce trees.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Darn varmints! So much work gone in a flash!!

threecollie said...

Cathy, I love having, and using homemade and homegrown raw materials. I am very grateful for this messy, dirty, rough life we get to live. It is never boring. The birds have already shown a lot of interest in the bag of wool and straw and have some fluffs pulled out of the top. I'll bet when the real migration gets going it will be very popular. I hope it will bring some interesting ones close to the house where I will see them.

Linda, the chickies were so cute. I haz a sad.

Linda, I don't miss it either. I have raised several.... I am hoping the bag of wool and straw will bring some interesting birds closer to the house so I can see them better

Nita, I am so sad over the chicks. They were really nice ones. Poor babies.