Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bad Fox

Visited the accountant yesterday and when returning up the driveway something walked slowly across in front of us. At first we thought it was a particularly tall, mangy cat, but we quickly realized that it was a fox.

Silhouetted against the light as it was, I am not sure if red or grey. It was tall like a red, but very dark in color.

It was also in rough shape. Fur was ragged, head drooping, tail almost dragging, and as I said, it was walking even though the car was coming closer.

Jade has had his mow-jo on up in the old horse pasture

At times like these you start reviewing rabies vaccination records. Doggies are all good, as are the ponies. There are a couple half-wild or wholly wild cats around though. Ack. 


Cathy said...

What an interesting world we inhabit. But you get the entire sweep - whereas we city folk don't even get the sunrises. There are probably rabid animals around here . . but we surely never get to see them. (fingers crossed)

WendyFromNY said...

I remember seeing a fox like that years ago, I mentioned to my vet and he said that they can get quite sick with mange, especially in the spring. I hope it was that and not rabies, but always good to be aware and prepared! My dogs and even my house-only cats get their rabies vaccinations!

Terry and Linda said...

At least you saw it and can be sorta prepared.


threecollie said...

Cathy, as Wendy below said, this one could just be mangy, or be a female nursing pups or something, but we have seen several obviously rabid animals over the years, and there have been too many cases found in barns and stables around here. So, we are probably more cautious than we need to be, but we will be on the lookout for sure.

Wendy, you are totally right, but there is rabies in the area so we are extra careful too. Can't hurt. We used to even vaccinate the cows until it got too expensive.

Linda, yeah, it didn't look too good and sure was moving slow. Haven't seen it again at least.