Saturday, April 09, 2016

One Dollah Bid...what the farm wife does while the farmer is at the auction

Song Sparrow

Deuce and a half of Red-tailed Hawks, quartet Turkey Vultures.

Brace 'o Blue Jays, pair of Bluebirds, Robins robbin' fruit-macs

One Red-winged Blackbird, nope, there's two,

No today's turkeys...that snow is all gone
A six pack of Turkeys and a dozen or so crows.

One big gull, way up eagle-high. Was it a Great Black Backed? Maybe

Or not.

A dozen dozen Goldfinches, a couple of Pine Siskins.


Downy know whats.

White-breasted Nuthatch

Carolina Wren

House Sparrows, Grackles, Starlings, Mourning Doves, Kestrel for a year bird, Song Sparrows, Tree Sparrows, White-throated Sparrows, Juncos, and a big fat woodchuck hustling for his burrow.

Bunny, bunny, four fat deer.

'Yote tracks, deer tracks, turkey tracks and mine.

Spring has come to the 30-Acre Lot and by golly so have I.

And though the lilacs appear to be toast and the daffadowndillies are nothing but compost, Pseudacris Crucifer has made it through.....

*** I have to look that name up every single time. Why did they change it from Hyla Crucifer, which I could never forget? Same reason they took Richmondena away from the cardinal I guess, and gave him two last names. 

If you turn up your sound and play the video below you can get an idea of the number of American Goldfinches living here this year. This isn't even all of them as there were many down by the barn and by the house. 


joated said...

Had to cancel our bird walk at the local state park this morning; too much snow. Heck, I slipped and slid my way back home and then watched our heaviest snowfall of the year occur. About 5" on the deck of perfect snowball/snowman snow. It's caused the birds to devour my sunflower seeds like they were starving.

Siskins, goldfinches, juncos, mourning doves, purple finches, white-breasted nuthatches, red-breasted nuthatches, song sparrows, fox sparrows, and bossy blue jays. The robins and what few flickers we have are down near the pastures in the valley where the snow amounts are slightly less. They are joined by killdeer, starlings, grackles and crows.

Cathy said...

Ok. How lucky is one - to not have to go miles to hear spring peepers? And those goldfinches !!!

Terry and Linda said...

Love the goldfinches! I wonder if we have them here!


threecollie said...

Joated, this is the first I've had a decent walk in two weeks due to the lousy weather! It wasn't that great at that. Very muddy and slippery, what with our clay soil and all. You know I have only EVER seen one fox sparrow. One! I should add purple and house finches and cardinals to my list, but our Killdeers seem to have left again. Ineed to go out now and feed the feeder birds. Don't know that I have ever seen them so hungry this late in the season!

Cathy, we build a pond in our cow pasture a decade or so ago. I couldn't believe they were peeping yesterday in such cold weather. I don't think it hit forty, but under all that goldfinch sound you could hear maybe half a dozen of them. I was delighted.

Linda, I looked at a range map and it looks as if they occur where you are. Don't know how common they are though. We always see quite a few, but this is a really high numbers year. I didn't really capture the din they make in the video. They are loud and you can hear them from very far away.