Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Stink Eye

After our boy left for the Keystone State on Sunday, the boss took me birding. He likes to drive around the countryside and I like to stare at bodies of water looking for fowl, so a good time was had by all.

We tried the pond on Goldman Road, but there was nothing to see other than a couple of setting geese on muskrat houses and a muskrat hustling across the road where the beaver excluder excluded him too.
There IS a Great Blue Heron in this photo

We saw some harriers along the way, a few kestrels, but nothing very interesting until we hit Bowmaker Pond. The place was fairly boiling there. A single swallow, looked like a Northern Rough Winged, lots of Canada Geese, at least 22 Common Mergansers squabbling up a storm, a single Great Blue Heron, and a pair of Wood Ducks that whistled in and settled obligingly against the cattails.

It was fun. I spent a lot of time wandering around the little meadow near the water peering at this and that and taking pictures. Suddenly I felt someone watching....

And there, just a few yards from my feet, was a goose, giving me the stink eye and just daring me to come closer.

I didn't. 

But you can count on geese.....



Three.......see what I mean?


Cathy said...

I detect a "spring" in your outlook :)

ellie k said...

Geese can be very mean. My dad had some on the farm and they got to the point we could not go outside without the broom. After a while they had to go.

threecollie said...

Cathy, ooh, today! You should see today! I went out for 45 minutes, only walked about 2000 steps, just up behind the cow barn, and counted 26 species! I got 16 in four minutes! It is indeed spring!

Ellie, I sure didn't want to approach this one any closer. Actually I didn't mean to get that close. I was peering across the water through binoculars and didn't notice her.