Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Observation tower at Montezuma.
And here I was hoping for a good thunderstorm so I could climb up and bird.

The Farm Side is done....this week it's about the farm bashing billboard/EPA funding controversy and 3-D food printing. Had fun researching the food part.....

It is raining, pretty hard....I guess we need it, as even the lettuce hasn't germinated yet.... I was about ready to start watering it. On the other hand, Liz sold some plants I started, over at the livestock swap, for good money. I wanted to get out and pot some more up today, but I guess that will have to wait. She got fifteen bucks apiece for jade plants and people didn't even quibble! I have jade starts all over the place. Heck they fall off and try to root themselves in the living room carpet.

I also have volunteer Egyptian Walking Onions and Garlic Chives all over the yard. Actually need to redo a whole flower bed that has been taken over by the chives......I am thinking I may just work on the sitting porch.....

But then again, it's only 38 degrees out there, and we have the heat going full blast. Maybe it would be a good day to catch up on book work. 

Yesterday we lost the boss. 

For a while anyhow. He took Becky to work and never came back, which would have been fine, except that he had Alan's coat in the car with him...they went racing the other night....and Alan's wallet was in his coat.

He had to be in DC at 6 PM to start working the night shift. He looked everywhere for his dad. We called everyone we could think of. We posted on Facebook for folks to be on the lookout. No Ralph. And then I took the Mackster out and looked across to the cow barnyard to see the car and a truck right over there....he was over there  looking at some work we need done. We are going to get him a cell phone this weekend!

Going through the photos from Saturday I added American Wigeon to the list. Got to get that gull ID'd now. Anyhow, stay dry and enjoy all that bright green grass. A farmer friend from northern NY shared a photo from his tractor of his family doing field work....in snow.....


joated said...

Good luck with the gull! They are my nemisis. Too many variations in plumage as they go from egg to adult (1st summer, 1st winter, second summer, etc.). After a while they all look the same to me.

Jan said...

I thought I was the last person in the country to get a cell phone. My kids finally got one for me...similar story.

A. Montgomery said...

Your father has one. He doesn't know how to use it, and never answers it but he carries it around in his pocket and when it beeps to have the battery recharged he gives it to me. I always call him on the landline. He answers that if he is home alone. Glad you explained the missing Ralph.
Love, Mom

NumberWise said...

What a rewarding birding trip you had Saturday. I thought of you several times that day, wondering if you had been able to go someplace exciting.

The plants I have from you are wonderfully healthy and vigorous. We are mowing down the excess Egyptian walking onions and the Sunset cactus is blooming beautifully.

For the past three hours I have been making frequent trips out to my porch to watch the Pileated Woodpecker that is chipping away at a tree in the next yard. He is undeterred by the cold rain, neighborhood dogs, and traffic. It's an unusual treat here in the city!

Terry and Linda said...

Lord Almighty! My heart stopped and then leaped into my throat when you said you lost Ralph! All sorts of dire thoughts flooded into my brain until I got on down through the rest...at which I sighted a huge sight of relief!


ellie k said...

We need rain, things are getting pretty dry, new little citrus is setting on and a good rain will make them grow.

threecollie said...

Joated, I think it is just a Herring Gull, but it looks odd...maybe because of the very bright light. They are hard for me too.

Jan, he's had one before. Would never use it. He really needs one though with unexpected hay customers showing up and things like Monday's debacle.

Mom, yeah, it was crazy here for a couple of hours. I love my phone and feel naked without it. Guess everyone is different. Love you!

NW, so happy that the plants are doing well. I hope it warms up enough for me to actually want to go outdoors and pot up some more. It's funny how the onions have become so popular lately. When I got mine, probably nearly forty years ago, no one had even heard of them. I love them even though I do have to move them away from more delicate plants sometimes. The bird day was so great, I swear I am still grinning. Like finding treasure lying right on the ground! Take care

Linda, sorry, I didn't mean to do that.

Ellie, we have been pretty dry too, but this is such a cold rain it is hard to like it. then it froze last night pretty hard. If you don't like the weather wait a minute I guess. Hope your little trees do well.

Linda said...

Good luck with the cell phone...I made the Bossman get one...then I had to teach him to use it...then I had to make sure he took it with him AND turn it on so I could get ahold of him when I needed to....and I still have to ask if he turned it on before he heads out the door🙄

threecollie said...

Linda, lol, he is threatening to call me every five minutes when he gets one...and I am really afraid he is serious.