Thursday, April 14, 2016

Wagner House

Is no more. When the boss and I went birding this weekend we saw that it has been demolished and cleanup is under way. Sad to see such an icon of architecture falling into disrepair and dying in such a manner. 

It must have been beautiful in its day, but in recent decades it has decayed to a grotesque reminder of what once was. It was little more than a grandiose eyesore the last few times we passed it, and no doubt dangerous in the bargain....such a shame. 


Bill Harshaw said...

Quite a history to the house. This article is quite good.

Jan said...

What a lovely home it must have been. What a shame to lose is.

threecollie said...

Bill, thanks for the link. Amazing place! My folks have had a little personal contact with people involved too, so they have some interesting input. Such a sad story

Jan, I don't think I ever saw it when it wasn't run down, but somehow we always hoped somebody would do something. Alas, it is too late now.