Thursday, April 28, 2016


We haz it. Spring is springing, although setbacks are possible. it has been pretty cold, but that hasn't stopped the Goldfinches from putting on their crayon colors and shining up the place. 

The wind has been tuning it up too. Laundry will dry on the line if you don't mind untangling it every little while....but the clothespins are taking a beating. Seems you can't buy good ones any more so you just have to make do with a lot of junky ones and replace them really often.

I took a little bird walk yesterday evening just to get out of the house. The barn gate was unlocked and open so our log guy could bring in firewood so I went down that way instead of up over the hills as is the norm.

Wow! I pished up a Carolina Wren that nearly hit me in the head. They seem to be using the old cow barn as a base. Two Bald Eagles soared over and then I was treated to a game of Turkey Vulture tag. They are ugly old things, what with their bald, red, heads, and dumpy mess of off-black feathers. On the ground you wouldn't give them a second look, except perhaps to mutter "Ick...."

However, when they fly.... When they swoop back and forth, low among the power wires, banking over the little cliff along the drive. When they maneuver swiftly, up and down, back and forth, passing one another and gliding like swallows....well, it is worth a few minutes down there, just south of river and road, just to enjoy the rural air show.

I was glad I went that way.....a quick trip up the usual back barn road yielded only a handful of birds, but the driveway was teeming.

For those interested in solar arrays on farmland, here is another article.
And still another offering many resources for gathering information before you jump off that particular cliff.


Cathy said...

Please send some of that yellow glow our way. It is so dreary, wet and cold here that we're gonna start drinking.
Hot chocolate, of course :)

Terry and Linda said...

SPRING YELLOW! It's the best after drab brown!


Jan said...

I love the farm walks that you and Linda take me on.

Linda said...

I can't call it spring until the Tarda's have bloomed...looks like it will be doing that soon here.

threecollie said...

cathy, guess it is going to be here by tomorrow night. Sky is full of all sorts of interesting clouds already. I guess we need rain, but I prefer the golden glow!

Linda, it is such a delight. We lost the early daffodils to ice frost, but the late ones are blooming now...such tidy little beauties!

Jan, I am so glad you enjoy them, because I love taking them and sharing them.

Linda, how I love them. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to send them our way. This year they are really outdoing themselves and I go out every day to look at them.

The Furry Gnome said...

I love watching the Turkey Vultures swoop back and forth. There's almost always one in the sky.

threecollie said...

TFG, They were really lovely that evening! We have them most of the time too. There are 12 that like to perch on a dead elm right next to the heifer barn to dry their wings. I do't know what they are going to do when that falls down. lol