Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Light Breeze

The wind was so cold and strong last night that I had nightmares....well, okay, maybe it was the leftover Chinese, but it sure was a wild night. I was happy to wake up in my own safe bed rather than the strange places I visited. I knew I would pay for my laziness in not closing the window at bedtime. It sure is shut now.

What a wind though! There is a milk can under the bird feeder arbor with a big, flat, block of wood on it. I fill feeders there. It has been in place since a year ago winter and never budged. Last night the wind dumped it in the flowerbed. Good thing there was an old bottomless egg basket over the nice new hosta growing there or it would have been crushed.

Big change from yesterday. Most of us have been in shorts for a couple of weeks, but the heavy clothes are sure back out today. Glad the big bird count wasn't today because there is no way I would be hiking those hills! Brrrrr....

I brought all the tender garden plants back into the house last night, but there are a few old geraniums outside for the hummingbirds, which returned yesterday, (looking pretty tired and tattered). Guess they will have to come into night as possible snow has been predicted. Wish the hummers could come in too.

Because....... snow in mid-May. Hooray. 


Jan said...

Where is global warming when we need it?

Cathy said...

What can we say about this weather?! However . . you always manage to make me smile even when there is some weird precipitation called "graupel' falling on Keith's freshly planted annuals. Tell you what . . . talk about dreams! Keith and I woke up having the same one!! Yep. That's what you get after living together for 50 years.
(Love your tulips:)

dickiebo said...

I suffer from wind too!

threecollie said...

Jan, seriously! Another really cold one today. This is absurd!

Cathy, I don't like it, no I don't. We are going through firewood as if it were winter. I was hoping the load we just got would heat water for us until September, but it isn't looking good. We always have to heat a little into the first week or two of June, but this is too much like winter. Sorry about Keith's flowers, but it was cool for me to learn a new weather word. I had seen that sticky fluffy stuff, but didn't know it had a name. How cool about the dream! I know just what you mean though. We have had similar dreams to report in the morning a time or two over the years. I think I would have fewer nightmares if I stopped reading Robert Crais books at bedtime. I can't seem to leave them alone though. lol

Dickie, do you suffer alone, or are other involved as well. rofl

Terry and Linda said...

We've been having that silly weather also. It was lovely and warm for three days and now back to terrible cold.



threecollie said...

Linda, I want to play outdoors....without a parka. Lol