Sunday, May 01, 2016

Blow up Dolls

For turkeys. They are eerily realistic! They turn and bob on their fake pink legs turkeys...... 

Mack was terrified of them. He nearly slipped his collar trying to get away from them when I walked him down near them, and then ran headlong into the back door. Crash!

And then we didn't use them anyhow.

See, we went out turkey hunting this morning. Opening day. Really Alan hunted. I tagged along a little and then ended up sitting on a log in the barnyard, as they were right down behind the house, and I am not up for all that creeping and stalking stuff.

It was kinda nice sitting out there listening to the birds and the noises of the poultry from the barn though.

Anyhow, Alan stalked and called, and stalked and called, and there was a good-sized flock of them right out there on the hill. He prolly could have gotten the tom, although it was just a small one, and there are much larger fellows out there somewhere.

And then, wham, a herd of deer ran right through the center of the flock.

Busted. It was starting to rain anyhow, and I had my and binoculars...with me.

It was okay. It is more about the being out early in the day and creeping around in the woods than about needing a turkey anyhow. For me at least. If he gets one I have to cook it.....

And there is no accounting for deer. 


Terry and Linda said...

Look at that Doggie run!!! You look good!


threecollie said...

Linda, isn't he a speedster! lol