Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Almost ready for the cap and gown

Tall and proud out on the stage

Going, going, gone

Hi Ma.
I didn't like college. The room was too small and algebra was too hard.
The worms were too squishy and the berries too mushy.
Can I move back home?
Can I? Can I?
Oh, and here's my laundry.


Terry and Linda said...

You come up with the cutest posts!!!


Cathy said...

Awwww .. . too sweet. And the poem . . . :)

threecollie said...

Linda, we have so enjoyed this nest of robins. We have so many this year! There are nests on the house and nests on the barns and nests in the trees. fun!

Cathy, thanks

wambui said...

"the college rooms were too small"...lovely post and quite relatable.

threecollie said...

Thanks, wambui