Friday, May 20, 2016

Spring Break

On a farm......

Canning jelly

18 pints

The Amish neighbors have lots of foals

Does this tree make my butt look big?

Headin' home

At sunset
Why we stay here to pay all those taxes and put up with the government


Jan said...

There is always a price for beauty.

Terry and Linda said...

Your farm is a beautiful place! Already canning! Not here, not yet. But maybe June!


Carol said...

What kind of jam? I love reading your posts. Thank you.

Cathy said...

You and the land, after all these years - are one. It's part of you.

threecollie said...

Jan, there is indeed. We sure have been well paid this week though. I love spring!

Linda, thanks, I just made a bunch of jelly out of frozen apple cider from last year as we were out because of the poor strawberry crop last summer. It tastes good though;

Carol, apple cider jelly, made from frozen cider from our Winesap tree last year. Matt anc Kegan came down and ground and pressed some for us. I add cinnamon and nutmeg and it tastes pretty good. Doesn't jell quite as well as if you made it with fresh apples, but much easier. And thanks!

Cathy, home, sweet home. lol