Wednesday, May 11, 2016


Spring is springing up all around us. From parrot tulips the kids bought me last fall to Robins nesting everywhere, including places we would prefer they had left alone.

It's all good. Had a nice Mother's Day trip to Cabela's, which is where we found  a toy...finally..that Mack can't destroy. 

At least so far.

 A nice lady clerk told us that she had bought one for her dog, but dogs couldn't make the squeaker in it work. Too complicated because you have to turn it on its side to activate the noisy part.

I told her I had a Jack Russell Terrier. They can do anything they want to.

She said, "No, I have one too, and he can't work it". Although Mack loves noisy toys and squeaks and honks them all early and often, I did wonder why someone would be concerned about a JRT not being noisy.


Guess how long it took Mack to squeak it....

Yeah, half a lap around the kitchen table and it was going. He loves it and plays with it by the hour. Honky, honky, squeak, squeak, squawk.


Jan said...

I found a toy that makes a sound that only dogs can here. I love the silence, but now i don't know where i found it.

Jan said...


Terry and Linda said...

Geez to have the toy only dogs could hear would a cool thing. Then again at least you KNOW where you JackRussel is!


Cathy said...

Sproing and a Squeaky Toy . . . Life is good!

threecollie said...

Jan, wow, now that would be cool. Although, it does help to hear where the little stinker is and what he is up to. lol

Linda, lol, yeah, that is exactly what I just said to Jan. I have learned to listen every second to him, as he is always up to something.

Cathy, my favorite time of year! New birds, new green grass, warm enough to be outside, but the bugs aren't too awful yet. I love it! Life is indeed good! I think of you often when I sit out on the porch or walk out on the hills. I think you would enjoy it.