Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Other News from the Other New York

I could not wait for the Amish guy to leave. This horse did not like being tied to that tiny twig in a sloppy little knot and he spent the whole time he was here yanking back and forth and wringing the wagon around on the lawn, all frantic and scared. There wasn't a dry inch of hide on him and it wasn't raining. I was scared to death he would tug that knot out or pull up the little Box Elder tree and run down on the highway

We are all inundated by news these days, buried in it, smothered by it. With the rising of social this in fact....we are bombarded day and night, if we don't shut the darned thing off and get out and do...until it can wreck our mood, gloom up our lives, and make us feel all helpless and sad.

The big Amaryllis bloomed. So did the Elephant Ear with TWO flowers this year
Hope I can get seeds again! We pollinate the Amaryllis too, and this is one Alan and I grew from seed

But that isn't why I didn't post much this week. That was more the cold, dismal, dragging-on-forever rain that fell all week. Every day I told myself....aloud....that with this rain we won't get fires. You  don't hear of them here in NY all that often, but my dad fought fires in the Adirondacks...big ones....either before I was born or when I was a baby....and there was that biggie at Sam's Point Ridge not long ago. And there are plenty of places that would give a lot for a week of rain. Still it doesn't exactly make me do caprioles and tap the keyboard like a dervish when we have to slog along in a soggy, slippery, mucky, muddy mess every time we go outdoors. I only walked purposefully one day all week.

Chick transport when you can't find the chickie box. There are SEVEN chicks in that pocket!

However, news was happening here just the same. First of the year Yellow Warblers, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Savannah Sparrows and Warbling Vireos.

FOY Savannah Sparrow

An Amishman showing up wanting to buy our old barn. Or not as the case may be. We didn't want to sell it anyhow, but the boss was polite and let him take a peek through the windows. He was afraid of the dog...

Not a happy fellow

Chicks hatched and then little turkeys, which are peeping now in the dining room. Imagine that? Little chickies in the dining room. Peggy loves them!

And there you have it, a different set of news stories from the endless politics and gloom and doom. We had plenty of gloom, but it was only weather

Sunny, the horse, watching deer up on the heifer hill. You can often find the wild things by watching the tame ones. If I see Sunny, or the pup, or the ponies, looking off into the distance, I always try to see what they do.

And the deer....looking back at Sunny....
or maybe at me, sneaking out of the house with the camera


Cathy said...

Sigh. . . . Yes, Marianne: " We are all inundated by news these days, buried in it, smothered by it. With the rising of social this in fact....we are bombarded day and night, if we don't shut the darned thing off and get out and do...until it can wreck our mood, gloom up our lives, and make us feel all helpless and sad."
Still you manage to find the beauty and whimsy there at Northview . . . though sometimes you have to part the gloom to see it.

Rita B Caldwell said...

I've quit watching TV, reading the newspaper, and only read the blogs I follow. Our world is a mess and it doesn't look like it will get any better anytime soon. I like you am very tired of the rainy, cold, dreary days but we must trudge on.
Sunshine finally today and the wind is calming some. With baby rabbits in two hutches I know they would like some extra warmth and their poor mama's have pulled so much hair to keep them warm in their nests that I'm more concerned about their well being.
Warmer, suuny weather is on the way and we'll all be in better spirits. Happy Mother's Day and have a great weekend and coming week!!!

ellie k said...

We had so many amaryllis blooming this year. one is from a bulb we started about 40 years ago. I have them in the ground and pots. One big pot had about 12 buds popping up, these were one of my husbands favorite flowers so I took the pot to his grave site and left it until it finished blooming. It was so heavy when it finished I just lugged over and left it beside the dumpster. Ours are just bulbs in the ground that spread every year. we have all colors, I think there is one or two buds to bloom yet and then they will be finished for a year.
It is a shame that horse could not eat some of that nice green grass, he looked a bit skinny. I have friends that are Amish and there horses are a bit on the chunky side.

ellie k said...

Happy Mothers Day, my daughter sent me flowers that are all citrus colors and had a plastic orange slice in it. Very true to there business. They have pulled out 4 to 5 thousand trees and burned them now, this greening is taking its toll on groves here. I know you are interested in farm things.

Carol said...

Your photos and blogs about your family and farm are my favorite topics on Facebook. Keep up the good work. We also enjoy
Watching the deer and turkeys, but do not photograph.

Terry and Linda said...

Happy Mother's Day my friend from the best part of the state of New York!


threecollie said...

Cathy, the boss watches the news whenever he is in the house. I can barely stand it and spend as little time in the living room as I can. It is nothing more than pollution to me. Oh, well, there is plenty to be seen and done that does not involve the news, as long as we remain upbeat enough to enjoy it. lol

Rita, thanks! Today is finally kinda, sorta, what we expect from May. Trips outdoors are more fun than punishment. Poor bunnies. I used to have an extensive rabbitry, and saw the same phenomenon. Good thing they are such fine mothers.

Ellie, what a sweet tribute to your husband. Sorry you had to leave them behind. My Florida inlaws have told me about Amaryllis that have naturalized in their yard, but to me it is just amazing! Something I'd like to see some day. What colors do you have? All I have is red-orange. So very sorry to read about the greening. What a nightmare! It sure isn't easy to be any kind of farmer these days!

Carol, thanks! I have great fun trying to get good photos of the wild things

Linda, thanks, hope you had a good one too! We went south to Cabelas, which was fun, although I think I am still tired from the trip.