Tuesday, May 31, 2016


13th Lake before the wild times hit

If winter seems to trudge past on slush-clogged snowshoes, then spring flies by on the flickering wings of the hustling hummingbirds.

How did it come to be Memorial Day weekend, when just 17 days ago it froze hard and snowed in some areas?

It never seems quite comprehensible, but somehow we get it figured out, only to have it all change again a couple of months from now.

Meanwhile, we spent the weekend well. Alan took Becky and me to the mountains Saturday afternoon. We toured around a bit and then he introduced us to 13th Lake.

Wowsa what a place! We could get there by car to park in a wood-sheltered alcove ringing with birds I didn't recognize. Three loons dove and paddled right near the shoreline.

The lake was tranquil, but it was very much the calm before the storm.

We started a quick hike to a nice observation point farther up the lake. As we carefully picked our way among stones and protruding roots, the wind began to kick up.

And up.

And up.

Soon the little lake was a froth of whitecaps, row on row, chasing each other down the shore. 

Kayakers scrambled in its howling face. Big drops splatted around us....I tried to get Alan to hurry to the car with the camera and binoculars, but he wouldn't leave me behind.

Still we all made it without getting seriously wet and had a great time. 

Hope we get back there someday...there is talk of taking the canoe. 


A. Montgomery said...

Sounds like a great time was had by all.
Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

Over night it must seem. We are flitting back and forth but they say the heat is barreling toward us.


Cathy said...

Beauty AND weather excitement. LIfe is good :)

threecollie said...

Mom, it was a lot of fun. Hope to go back someday...after the Camaro is fixed I guess....and hike the rest of the way to that point. It is a really nice lake! Love you

Linda, this morning our weather is especially nice...warm enough to be comfortable, but crisp with lots of oxygen. I'll take it! lol

Cathy, Life is...sometimes better than others.