Monday, May 02, 2016

Yeah, it's that kinda Day


Jan said...

I don't know what it is but I don't want that kind of day

Tom Cassidy said...

This reminds me of a phrase of a friend who is a southern gal. I'd call her a belle but I think they use different language. She would say, "Is a frogs ass water tight?" when describing something very obvious.

Terry and Linda said...

I've dug up at four different times four toads...they were as shocked as I was. But it wasn't long before they had recovered and hidden again. It's still too cold for them. (I'm very glad I didn't hurt them!)


threecollie said...

Jan that is the south end of a northbound frog. lol. Raining and cold here...we have been so spoiled by nice weather, alas.

Tom, I love it! I just love sayings like that...the sheer, sharp, and inarguable clarity of them just shines! lol

Linda, no toads here yet, but soon I'm sure. I was astounded to find this big old Green Frog in the garden pond. We have such a dilemma with them. They come in themselves, migrating overland, and we enjoy them all summer. However, the pond tends to freeze solid in the winter and kills them. Some years we catch them and relocate them to real ponds on the farm. Sometimes we just miss them and find them dead in the spring. This guy was a delightful surprise and cause for much whooping and calling of Becky, who loves frogs.