Wednesday, June 01, 2016

I'm All Right, But.....

That phone call you hate to get. Well, I got it yesterday. Seems a tractor trailer in Pennsylvania swapped lanes entirely at random with a whole line of cars and trucks beside it.

Guess whose car got hit. Run over really, by the back wheels of the trailer.

Yeah, it will be a while before the Camaro takes us any more cool places.

However, it is probably going to be okay after some serious repairs to door, fenders, skirts, wheel, etc. ......and most importantly, our boy is okay.

There are simply no cars that matter more than that.

That being said, he loves that car and has invested a lot of time in keeping it looking like it just came from the it looks like it just came from a NASCAR race.

The other side is still nice and shiny.


Jan said...

Glad the boy is ok. Cars can be repaired to look like new.

Cathy said...

So glad he's OK!!!
Our boy just came in from NH . . . I can't rest until I know he's here safely.

Paul said...

I'm glad he's okay. A car is just "stuff", and "stuff" can be repaired or replaced.

joated said...

I agree with Paul. Glad Alan is okay. Quite the close call there. I'm sure a good body mechanic can make the car look as good as new in no time. How this plays out on Alan's psyche, however....

Alan Friers said...

Rubbin's racin lol

Terry and Linda said...

OH! MY! HEAVENS! I'm so glad Alan is okay! What a terrible fright. I understand his concern about the repair of the car (money, money and more money) but having HIM okay is the most important thing!


ellie k said...

The boy is okay and other things are just that things, they can be repaired or replaced. A sweet son cannot that.

threecollie said...

Jan, it is already at the body shop. What a difference between his insurance company and the ones we are dealing with from Ralph's accident. And I agree, as long as Alan is okay, that is all that matters

Cathy, I hope he has a pleasant stay and a safe trip home. I hate when our young ones are on the road.

Paul, I so agree. Even when he is grumpy over his car, he is much more dear to me than any possession!

Joated, exactly. I am so glad he has he quick reflexes of youth and was able to keep from being dragged right under the truck. The Camaro is already in the body shop.

Alan, Glad you can look at it that way. Glad you are okay. Miss you though. Take care

Linda, you are exactly right! It has been so messed up around here, I am afraid to even relax for a minute. The kids lost at least 15 chickens and turkeys to that $%##** fox yesterday. Then we had an oven fire...nothing serious, but if Liz and I hadn't been standing right there it would have been. And then Peggy got sick. Again nothing serious, but you worry. I am ready for a break now.

Ellie, that is all that matters isn't it? We love our family so much, that as long as we have them safe and sound we can weather anything else. They are the main thing.

Throwback at Trapper Creek said...

Ack! The worst kind of call. Glad Alan is fine, and the car can be repaired.

Debra said...

So sorry about the accident and the woes of car repair. So glad your son is unscathed.

Read a of Liz's loss of her birds. And I hope Peggy feels better soon. Kids are the so resilient. We fell worse than they because of worry.

Take care.