Tuesday, June 14, 2016

June is Dairy Month

Here are a couple of stories I used for the annual Dairy Month Farm Side.

Floating farm planned for Rotterdam

Northeast Dairy Settlement

Also talked to some good people, including our favorite veterinarian who stopped by to do some rabies vaccinations.Besides talking dairy, we discussed birds and speculated about a future Montezuma trip....hey, Alan, we figured you into the equation if you want to.....

Meanwhile it has been cloudy and cold and so windy the petunia baskets have been like cats, in and out, in and out. So far I have kept them from being beaten to death, but it takes persistence. The boss mowed part of the 30-acre Lot and it has rained nearly every day since.

This female Rose-breasted Grosbeak is rushing the mulberry season'
They are NOT ripe yet, but she comes in with her beak covered with red pulp and juice.
She and her buddies got all the wild strawberries before I even saw one.
Good thing I like birds

The dining room has resounded night and day, first with the strident screechy screaming of baby quail, and then with the much more dulcet tones of chicken babies.

I can ignore chickens unless they sound distressed, but those quail...fingernails on chalkboard doesn't begin to describe the sound they make.

Over the weekend, since the weather was not conducive to running up to Montezuma to see the Garganey, Alan and I redid the bathroom. I thought he was nuts, but you can indeed remove old tile from the floor, paint it and paint all the walls and ceilings in a few hours if you have a dedicated dervish on your team. It looks so nice! Glowing, and bright and inviting. 

 And I was delighted to go to the store for yellow paint and manage, fifteen years after the bathroom and kitchen were first painted that color, to be able to find the exact same color. Without a paint chip and a different brand.

The guys also put an upright under a sagging beam in the cow barn. Talk about a caber toss. I was quite impressed.

Anyhow, as always, never a dull. Stay tuned, stay warm, or cool, as the weather may demand in your neck of the woods.

And, the CamCam is back and looking good


Jan said...

As always I'm exhausted just reading your post.

A. Montgomery said...

Alan sure looks happy not that his car is fixed. It looks great too.
Love Mom

Terry and Linda said...

YAY! The car is fixed!!!


threecollie said...

Jan, I get tired following that boy around, but he does most of the work...thankfully

Mom, he is indeed delighted, as are we all. Love you!

Linda, yes, and looking pretty good, thankfully