Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Keeping Company with other Men

I love my know I do....

And I generally like having them all around me.

However, sometimes, just sometimes, for a few minutes I like to be by myself.

That being said, an overactive mind is a terrible thing to have. I don't do boring stuff very well.

Thus, thanks to Becky's ingenuity, J. P. Beaumont joined me in housework and in weeding the beans and onions today. He is a companionable sort and spins a great yarn. So, until I got sick of my phone shutting him off for some reason, and the audio book stopping at every single chapter end, forcing me to constantly drag the phone out and fix the situation I enjoyed his company.

Then I lost the book entirely...oh, it's still there on the phone, somewhere, but not where I can access I reluctantly bid J.P. adieu and found some other fellers to entertain.

Started out with Jerry Jeff. Then Lucky Man and Brad Mates' amazing voice took me back to the Fonda Fair 2007. Up until that time I had listened to Becky go on and on and on about the band and just put my fingers in my ears...hmmmm....hmm...hmmmm....

Not my kind of music. Until that concert. Until I actually heard them live. After that I joined the girls in road trips anywhere they played within driving distance (and we were pretty darned liberal about just what constituted driving distance) until they stopped playing in the US much.

Anyhow, nine years later there are still five favorite songs by them on my phone and a lot more on this computer. I change the phone list up every now and then.

After some good Irish fellows sang for me and some Scottish gents, I realized that my arms were tired of hoeing and I hadn't seen the leader of our particular band in quite a while.

So I put the tools away and went looking for him....over to the barn...nobody in the mow....started up the hill...he'd been working on the baler...

But nope, not enough gumption for that.

So I came in the house to wait for him and there he was. He had walked right past the garden without seeing me, and with all those nice guys singing for me I hadn't heard him.


Anyhow, no matter who stops by to hang around in the garden, I always dance with the one what brung me.....eventually.


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