Sunday, June 05, 2016

Revenge of the Lawn

I running!

It is never dull out on the Northview lawns. An endless panoply of birds and wildlife and little critters galore flows by all day and probably all night.

Please excuse the bullet holes in the big windows...

We see cottontail rabbits and whitetail deer and woodchucks and birds of all sorts.

Sometimes they all come together to give us a really good laugh.

Yesterday we saw a young buck, just in the beginnings of velvet, when we drove away. Mid-evening he strolled onto the lawn through the gap and began to merrily chase birds.

At first it seemed a coincidence, but soon it was clear that he was actually pursuing the starlings that were grazing on the bugs and goodies.

He spent several minutes at that silliness and then came up next to the porch. The boss managed to sneak the door open so I could slip out with the camera and he never even saw me.

Then he stopped....frightened of something going on on the other porch. I thought it was the kids scaring him, making a mechanical noise.

Scares you? Scares me too!

Then I realized that it was a chipmunk.

I went around to that door to find that the munk was alarming at the deer and the deer was alarmed by the rascally rodent.

It was downright absurd as they scared one another out of two week's growth. Finally the deer was scared right away. The chipmunk seemed every bit the victor as he went right on chick chick chicking.

This morning the pump and filter were at the bottom of the pond instead of on the bricks where they belong. I'll bet I can guess who put them there.

Seems like that's what you get when you live in the entertainment on every channel all day long. 

I'm outta here


Jan said...

That is so great and you don't have the commercials.

Terry and Linda said...

YES! Lucky, lucky you! We don't have the wildlife you have, but what we do I so enjoy!


Jacqueline Donnelly said...

No need for TV! The show I'm watching now is fireflies in my backyard: so pretty! So evocative of childhood summer evenings. Do you get fireflies twinkling above your meadows?

Cathy said...

Cute and lovely all in the same post :) And like Jan said - "no commercials" :)

threecollie said...

Jan, the only complaint I might have is the utterly unscheduled programming. You never know when a good show is going to come on and it is hard to be ready. lol

Linda, you have all those wonderful orioles and hummingbirds and cranes, which I wildly envy. lol We do have a mess of critters though

Jacqueline, indeed we do! Peggy loved them last summer when she was tiny. I can't wait to see her reaction this year! I saw the first couple the other night, but by mid-June the fields and yards will be full of them...always a wonderful flashback to childhood and jars with holes punched in the lid and running around in the dark trying to catch them. We only ever snagged a couple now and then but we sure had fun.

Cathy, thanks, yes, I am not a fan of commercials. This morning the show was a hummingbird stopping at every single flower on a cigar plant I bought at our local nursery. There are a lot! And a redstart pulling at some strings right by the back door. She has been coming around for several days virtually unafraid...not a patch on your foxes, but fun.